Beta Diamond Videos Made in a Prototype Light Box

As part of the development of Next Diamond™ and to provide a consistent method to display diamonds from afar, the Cut Group has been working on a lighting box, diamond movement system and camera set ups. We would like to receive your feedback and suggestions for improvements for a standardized lighting box.

The main goal is standardize the lightings and technology for cut comparison on the Internet to give a high level of repeatability.

For this we use
1) Step-motors to rotate the diamonds in two directions instead of manual tilting. Please note that the current holding system is a temporary solution. We have considered several methods and suggestions are welcome.
2) A normal still camera instead of a video camera; the computer controls both the rotation of the diamond and the capture of the photo’s
3) Variable but preset lighting that enables good analysis of overall beauty as well an independent discernment of fire and brightness
4) Fixed positions for diamonds and camera
We hope that online vendors might like to use such a format providing consistent videos for their In-House diamonds.

The beta video’s are at but these include some very interesting rough diamond movies filmed in 2001-2002. These were not filmed in the current Lightbox.

There are several sets of movies:

  • Rough stereo movies. This set of films for rough diamonds can be viewing in stereo mode
  • Lightbox and movies for cut comparison. The set of pairs of films in different lighting conditions for the same stones
  • Round + Cushion movies. Round and cushion diamonds are moved together in one film


All films are available in FLM and Quick Time formats

Many in the Pricescope community will be very interested in the new cushion prototype that is filmed along side this fine H&A’s (57,34,41) stone round diamond that has similar light return. We invite you to count the number of sparkles in each stone and post your results in the thread linked below. The Cut Group aims to further improve the fire within the table of the cushion.

The Cut Group believe such comparisons are essential for consumers when buying a fancy cut diamond and this will drive cutters to improve the performance of all fancy shaped diamonds. This work is also part of the requirements for our Next Diamond™ and an ongoing related project is the Master Stone Study which is described in this power point presentation.

By the Cut Group
Sergey Sivovolenko, OctoNus, Finland
Janak Mistry, Lexus, India
Garry Holloway, Ideal-Scope, Australia +614 523 369 [email protected]
Dr Yuri Shelementiev, Russian Gemmological Center, Russia

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