Jewels of the Week: August 2021

Each Friday on the PriceScope Facebook page we celebrate the Jewel of the Week! From the Show Me the Bling! forum, one recently posted jewelry piece belonging to a PriceScope member is chosen to be featured. We love this tradition, and we love getting to enjoy all that shiny new bling!

August did not let us down, PriceScopers added some really fabulous pieces to their collections. These are the Jewels of the Weeks, but take some time to look through Show Me the Bling! to see a ton of awesome sparkle.  These were the Jewels of the Weeks for August 2021:


jadeite devil's work necklace, very pale greed interwoven chain with a pendant that resembles a chili pepper

Icy_jade shared this incredible mind-bending necklace with us and it became the first piece of jade that I recall being the Jewel of the Week. This necklace is so cool, and gorgeous. It is also educational just by reading this post you learn several things about how it is made, and it is an example of spectacular natural jade that is not green. A lot of today’s jade is dyed green, but this is stunning and it was exciting to have such a fantastic example!

Icy_jade claims this piece as their “holy grail,” and that makes complete sense. The intricacy and skill to make these are just unbelievable. Congratulations on achieving your Holy Grail, Icy_jade. Thank you for sharing it with us!



diamond ring in rose gold with a halo in a ring cushion

Ikhosasi shared this Wolf/CBI upgrade with us and it turned out beautifully. She had a great experience with sending in her old diamond and getting the upgrade handled. Buying diamonds online can be daunting for many, and as an international buyer that would just be more so. Add in sending off your current diamond and the anxiety would be real. Luckily she had a great experience and was very satisfied. This ring is spectacular, so we are so glad it worked out! Congratulations on your upgrade!


Carat Weight: 0.6
Color: J
Clarity: VS2
The setting was created by a local jeweler.



Mrs Flowers shared her 15th year of marriage wedding set upgrade with us and it’s magnificent! This set is classically beautiful and an outstanding way to mark 15 years of marriage. The tulip head is elegant, that James Allen diamond is a stunner. The set is divine together and we hope that it continues to bringing joy for years to come! Congratulations on this amazing set and your 15 years of marriage!


Harmony wedding band from Whiteflash
Solitaire with a tulip head Engagement ring
Engagement Ring Diamond
Carat Weight: 2.16
Color: H
Clarity: VS2



Large round diamond ring in bezel on a finger

Sjroberts posted this jaw-dropping upgrade. This ring took my breath away, and I know that I am not alone. Sjroberts has upgraded 7 times in 10 years of marriage and knows this may not be the last time. I know that DSS is a super real feeling, but it is hard to imagine this being more beautiful! I can’t imagine what would be better, but as a PriceScoper I am still pretty excited to see what she will reveal next. Stunning, congratulations! May this one bring you a lot of smiles!

I think that the facet pattern looks more OEC, but it’s amazing no matter what! Someone in the comments said it looks like stained glass and I think all the colorful light return does look a bit like that and it is GLORIOUS.


Diamond Stats (GIA)
Carat Weight: 5.02
Color: J
Clarity: VS1
Cut: Old European Brilliant
10.63 – 10.81 x 6.77 mm
Size: 7.5

What an amazing August, thank you for bringing consistent joy and delight with your new eye candy. If nothing else this year, we have learned the importance of grabbing our joy and this is so indicative of PriceScopers doing just that.

Thank you for sharing your magnificent jewels with us and helping to celebrate PS members’ pieces every week! We look forward to seeing the newest additions to your collections in the Show Me the Bling! forum.

Written by Kayti Kawachi

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