ASET and Ideal-Scope Comparison: New Article by Brian Pollard

By Erika Winters

B2C Jewels director of consumer education Brian Pollard has contributed a new Pricescope Journal article outlining the differences between the ASET and Ideal-Scope diamond evaluation tools.

What ASET reveals that Ideal-Scope does not

“There are people who claim that you only need a grading report, an idea of proportions and the ability to see a diamond in real-life to get the evaluation you need. But a growing segment of the industry, and many consumers armed with knowledge found on PriceScope, rely on images of diamonds using tools to arrive at a superior assessment of diamond performance than a non-descriptive grade on a lab report. Indeed, there are vendors who have developed lines of top-performing diamonds which use Ideal-Scope and ASET as proof of the performance pedigree.”

Read the full article featuring both ASET and Ideal-Scope imagery to better understand what these tools offer and how they are used to assess a diamond’s light performance.

Ideal-Scope and ASET images comparing two diamonds

Both the ASET and Ideal-Scope tools help shoppers evaluate a diamond’s light performance. Brian Pollard compares both tools for diamond shoppers and industry professionals.

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New Article by Brian Pollard Compares ASET and Ideal-Scope

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