Are Buying Wedding Ring Sets a Good Idea?

Image Source: Adiamor

Wedding ring sets include the bride’s engagement ring and wedding band, as well as the groom’s wedding band. The three rings together are bought at the same time, as a set. Usually, wedding ring sets are made up of a bridal ring set (bride’s engagement ring and matching wedding band) and a separate men’s ring which is complementary to the bridal set design.

Additionally, many couples, and indeed jewelers, use the terms ‘wedding ring set’ and ‘bridal ring set’ interchangeably.


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In reality, no, few couples think this far ahead when buying the engagement ring! Additionally, very few couples realize that it is possible to buy wedding ring sets. However, we’re seeing an increasing awareness of, and demand for, bridal ring sets. It’s likely that wedding ring sets will become a trend on the back of this.

It makes sense that the bridal ring set is dominant. It still takes foresight when you’re shopping for an engagement ring, but choosing two rings which will be worn together at the same time, and which match each other, makes sense. This is particularly true now that there is a fashion for more intricate and detailed wedding bands, using gemstones and diamonds, rather than the plain bands.

You can see in this engagement ring and wedding ring example from James Allen, how they form together to create a set.


Image Source: James Allen

Image source: James Allen


The focus is that the two rings match in terms of style, stones, color, and fit. They are designed together to be worn together. At the end of the day, the time spent wearing the engagement ring alone is (hopefully!) relatively short-lived, compared to the lifetime of wearing the two rings together. The overall look is achieved by pairing the two.

The groom’s ring will need to be chosen separately to complete the wedding set. However, if you choose the same designer, you will usually find that you can create the ‘set’ look quite easily. For example, with the Verragio rings below, you can see how you can create a wedding set using a bridal set and a man’s wedding band:


Image source: Whiteflash

Image source: Whiteflash



There are a few reasons why couples decide to buy their rings as a set rather than separately. 

By choosing the rings together, at the same time, you can be sure that you select each ring with the others in mind. You’ll end up with complimentary pieces that work well together. 

With the standard choosing and buying practice of selecting an engagement ring on its own first, you may find it harder to choose rings which match. You are more likely to have to choose a wedding band that goes with the engagement ring but doesn’t fit quite as seamlessly as the examples above.

There is also the matter of cost and time. Both can be reduced by choosing the rings together. Jewelers are likely to be able to find you the most cost-effective deal if you are buying all of the rings and diamonds from them, at the same time. It also means less time for you.

It should be noted that even if you buy the rings separately, you should be able to choose a matching wedding band quite easily. For example, Blue Nile has a matching tool to help you select a wedding band that will match your engagement ring to your wedding band.



You should also be aware of the difference between a matching set and a complementary set. With a matching set, the engagement ring and the wedding band are designed together. While they are two separate rings, they undoubtedly look best when kept together. With this set from Adiamor, for example, you can see how the solitaire diamond sits central to the two bands together.


Image Source: Adiamor

For couples, many haven’t been jewelry buying before. They know little about the process and how to select the best diamonds and settings. Feeling daunted can mean it’s easier to choose all three pieces together, having found a retailer you trust and feel confident with.

With more jewelers offering a greater choice of bridal sets, and hopefully an increasing choice of wedding sets as fashions develop, this is becoming an easier option for couples.



During the engagement period, the bride wears the engagement ring from the set as a standalone piece. 

With this beautiful white gold Coeur de Clara Ashley bridal set, you can imagine how stunning the engagement ring along looks. Then, at the wedding, the rings are exchanged and the look will be even further enhanced. The wedding band goes under the engagement ring, closest to the hand.


Image Source: Whiteflash

Similarly, the groom starts to wear his ring from the wedding ceremony onwards.

Of course, the biggest question, and perhaps the biggest conundrum, if thinking about wedding sets, is having all the rings in mind (and purchased!) at the time of the proposal! For many grooms, it can feel like enough pressure trying to choose the right engagement ring, let alone trying to choose all three rings at once. All high-quality jewelers will have returns policies that can be used in these situations. In the worst case scenario, if your bride-to-be isn’t sure about your choice, you can return to the jeweler and make your selections together.

We also really recommend getting the opinions of others who have been there before you, by starting a thread on our diamond forum. If you have rings in mind, then head to Rocky Talky for the input of others. You may also want to spend some time on the Proposals Ideas board.



It is daunting buying two or three rings together, and you don’t want to make mistakes. Avoid pitfalls by following these tips:

  • Take your time: Consider the shape, color, and style of the set. You want to think about whether the rings will rub together. Think about the different metals as not all are compatible. If one ring’s metal is considerably harder than another, it will disproportionately wear down the other ring. Think about balance.
  • Trust your jeweler: Choosing the right jeweler is important and this will help you to trust that you’re getting the right advice and information. PriceScope Testimonials will give you impartial opinions on different retailers.
  • Don’t restrict yourself: Buying a bridal set is relatively easy, but buying wedding ring sets is harder. If you cannot find what you are looking for in a wedding ring set, don’t settle. Instead, opt for a separate bridal set and then a standalone men’s wedding ring. If you choose them from the same jeweler you may still be able to benefit from cost-savings.

Choosing wedding ring sets can be a fantastic way to achieve a wonderful look while saving time and spending less. It’s a matter of personal preference if it is the right route for you. Did you purchase a Wedding Ring Set? Let us know in the Comments section below. 

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