Amethyst Engagement

Featured Image: Cushion Cut Amethyst Ring with Twisting Halo in 14k Rose Gold at Blue Nile

We decided to do the birthstone spotlight a little differently since more and more of you have become interested in colored gems as engagement rings. Since February’s birthstone is amethyst we thought it was great to look at some stunningly simple amethyst engagement rings which would give diamond engagement rings a run for their money.


Simple and Sleek

Solitaire pear genuine amethyst set in 14K white gold at B2C Jewels


If you’re all about sleek minimalism and fancy cuts this  engagement ring is for you. The amethyst takes center stage in this solitaire and the cut typifies the oh-so-trendy pear shape which is fast becoming one of the top cuts of 2020. You definitely can’t go wrong with this beauty on your finger.


Megawatt Shine

Oval amethyst ring with diamonds set in 14K rose gold at Blue Nile


From sleek minimalism to megawatt shine, this diamond and amethyst ring has all the markings of the engagement rings which are becoming more popular. The center stone is polished to a high shine and the surrounding diamonds lend extra light to a beautifully cut oval center stone.


Heavenly Halo

Genuine amethyst and diamond ring set in 14K white gold at B2C Jewels


This is a phenomenal ring, and we think it’s best feature is the delicate diamond halo surrounding the large, multifaceted center stone. We think the halo combined with the amethyst allows the perfect interplay between light and size.


Beautiful Band

Baguette amethyst ring set in sterling silver at Blue Nile


Engagement rings are absolutely wonderful, but a wedding band seals the deal. So why not show your lifelong commitment to the love of your life and your birthstone by selecting an amethyst band to pair with your engagement ring? We imagine this band would look absolutely stunning when worn with an emerald cut solitaire engagement ring.


Amethyst stones are beautiful and great alternatives to a traditional diamond engagement ring. These February birthstone rings have longevity and you can expect to see more of them on the most important finger on your left hand.

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By PS Staff

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