5 Jewelry Styling Tips For Your Date

Ladies, whether you’re planning to go on your first date, a blind date, or just a regular date soon and seeking some jewelry styling advice then this blog post is just for you. Here are 5 jewelry styling tips for your date. Men, if you’re seeking date ideas then you may take a liking to this blog post too. Here are 5 jewelry styling tips for 5 different dates:

Brunch Date

Brunch date.

If you are going on a first date or blind date you may want to opt for a brunch date. The daytime setting, casual dress code, and minimalist jewelry style may calm the first-date nerves. Also, if you’re meeting your date for the first time in person, brunch dates allow you to cut things short if there is no connection or extend the date until sunset if it’s love at first sight. Either way, a brunch date setting is nowhere near as formal as a dinner date in a fine dining setting.

We chose a minimalist look for a brunch date: classic hoop earrings, a statement piece pendant necklace and to add some bling and sophistication to the overall look we opted for a diamond bracelet. This look is versatile, select metals that suit you and remove the diamond bracelet if you wish. Although we highly recommend a statement piece to accentuate your overall daytime look.

Classic Hoop Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold. 14k Yellow Gold "Dreams of Africa" Diamond Charm Pendant. Annalee Lab Diamond Bracelet For Women.
Classic Hoop Earrings in 14K Yellow Gold at B2C Jewels 14k Yellow Gold “Dreams of Africa” Diamond Charm Pendant at Whiteflash Annalee Lab Diamond Bracelet at Friendly Diamonds

Dinner Date

Dinner date.

A personal favorite, if you’re anything like most of us who have been in long-term relationships, you would appreciate a candlelit dinner once in a while. Whether that be to get away from the kids or break away from your busy day-to-day lives. Planning a dinner for your significant other is a kind gesture that will go a long way. There are so many restaurants with exquisite cuisines to suit your taste and budget. Hop onto the dine app of your city and book a table for two today.

Fella’s if you’re celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary then this would be your cue to find out what your wife would like as an engagement ring upgrade – no pressure. Ladies, your husband has just asked you out on a date. Depending on the setting, we suggest our favorite, diamonds of course. Don’t overdo it, opt for a pair of diamond earrings or pendant necklace or bracelet, and to complete your look – your diamond engagement ring. We advise you to stick to 2, max 3 pieces. Single ladies, this is your cue to hint to your boyfriend what you desire in an engagement ring- Learn the 4Cs beforehand so you know what you’re talking about.

Fancy Light Yellow Canary Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Split Shank Ring in 18K White Gold. 18k White Gold "AGBF" Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings.
Fancy Light Yellow Canary Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Split Shank Ring in 18K White Gold at B2C Jewels 18k White Gold “AGBF” Inside Out Diamond Hoop Earrings at Whiteflash

A Picnic For Two

Picnic for two.

Picnics are for couples of all ages. If the weather allows, ladies, you may want to plan a date for your man. Who said men shouldn’t be taken on dates? We say, research ideal picnic spots in your area and block out a Sunday when the skies are clear and the weather is warm.

If you’re in an open public setting, we advise you to not overdo it with the bling. Instead, opt for a clean yet sophisticated jewelry look with a hint of bling. This is the date, where you pack your chandelier earrings and tennis bracelets away. For this jewelry look, we opted for a textured yellow gold bracelet and right-hand eternity ring with diamond accents. After all, diamonds are a woman’s best friend.

14K Yellow Gold Bracelet With Diamonds. 18k Rose Gold Ritani Stack Waved Eternity Diamond Right Hand Ring.
14K Yellow Gold Bracelet With Diamonds at B2C Jewels 18k Rose Gold Ritani Stack Waved Eternity Diamond Right Hand Ring at Whiteflash

Cooking Class

Cooking Class.

We bet you didn’t think of this one. Have you always wanted to learn how to make that Indian curry or Italian dish but could never ever follow recipes to the T. If this is you then you may want to look up cooking classes near you. Brushing up on your cooking skills men could earn you some added brownie points in the household.

When it comes to jewelry styling for a cooking class, we say, stick to your staple jewelry pieces. You may want to put on your favorite pair of earrings for this date but avoid wearing any jewelry that could become a hazard in the kitchen.

18k Rose Gold Tacori Diamond Earrings. Sideways Diamond Cross pendant in 14K Rose Gold.
18k Rose Gold Tacori Diamond Earrings  at Whiteflash Sideways Diamond Cross pendant in 14K Rose Gold at B2C Jewels



This brings us to our final date idea, hiking, yes, hiking and yes, you can wear jewelry. Whether that be a watch or some plain earrings. Who said you shouldn’t look good whilst out and about in nature with the one you love.

In fact, of all the date ideas we’ve mentioned, you may want to opt to go for a hike soon while the weather allows. After being in isolation for over a year, planning a hiking trip could be good for the mind, body, and soul. As mentioned before, if you’re planning a date out in a public area or in the wilderness you may want to keep your most blingy and valuable items at home. However, if you’re a man who can’t go anywhere without his Rolex or diamond engagement ring then make sure it is insured. Seeking a reliable insurance broker? Ask the PriceScope community.

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Has this blog post made you realize that you haven’t been on a date in a while? When was the last time you took your significant other on a date? Where did you go? Was it a date out of the ordinary? Click the comments button below and let us know.

Written by Bianca Mac Donald 

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