5 Inspiring Jewelry Designers

The International Gemological Institute (IGI) is currently running a jewelry competition called ExpressionsTM until October 22nd, 2021. What better way to get inspired than to share some inspiring jewelry designers we bet you didn’t know about. Many of these designers have gone from their 9 – 5 jobs to take on jewelry design full time. If you’re in that space of questioning your potential in the jewelry design industry then you may want to read further. Here are 5 Inspiring Jewelry Designers:

George Inaki Root

George Root.
Image Source: Milamore

George Inaki Root founded his brand Milamore in 2019. Milagros meaning ‘miracle’ in Spanish and amore meaning ‘love’ in Italian. Built on a foundation of love and a bond between him and his grandmother Milagros, who is a Spanish-Filipino. Root who is part Japanese, and spent many years living between Japan and New York has inspired the creative direction of his jewelry design. Milamore aims to reinvent the stories from Japanese culture and mother nature through jewelry design. Root’s jewelry is designed in New York and handmade in Japan.

His Work

The Self Love Diamond Ring. Kintsugi Emerald Earring. Diamond Braille Puzzle Piece Charm YG.
The Self Love Diamond Ring Kintsugi Emerald Earring Diamond Braille Puzzle Piece Charm

Sapir Bachar 

Sapir Bachar.
Image Source: Surface Magazine

Sapir Bachar worked as a textile designer for Proenza Schouler and Calvin Klein in New York City throughout her early career. In 2019 she went from working for a boss to being the boss by launching her jewelry brand, Sapir Bachar. Sapir Bachar lives and works between her home city Tel Aviv and New York. Just like Root, she draws inspiration from her heritage. Bachar’s work is described as a “Middle Eastern mystery fused with Western minimalism.”

Her Work

Gold Malachite Earrings. Gold Ridge Earrings. Gold Solar Necklace.
Gold Malachite Earrings Gold Ridge Earrings Gold Solar Necklace

Charlie Dolly 

Charlie Dolly 
Image Source: Pinterest

Charlie Dolly describes herself as very free-spirited having been brought up in a bohemian household in Berkeley, California. Dolly had never seen a diamond in person until she started modeling in Paris in 1991. That was where she said her love for jewelry began. Dolly has always liked the idea of one-day creating floating diamonds better referred to as diamonds without settings and in 2018 she did exactly that.

Her Work

Lariat with Round and Pear Shaped Diamond. Marquise Cluster Necklace. Pink Sapphire Pear Necklace.
Lariat with Round and Pear Shaped Diamond Marquise Cluster Necklace Pink Sapphire Pear Necklace

Annette Lasala Spillane

Annette Lasala Spillane.
Image Source: So608

After quitting a long career in banking, Annette Lasala Spillane established LIMNIA to produce affordable, timeless jewelry that modern independent women can gift themselves. Just like we’ve read with the previous designers, Spillane celebrates her Filipina heritage through her jewelry design. Spillane’s jewelry is designed in New York and handmade in the Philippines.

Her Work

Gabriela Figure – Gold. Solana 4-in-1 rings/ earrings. The Mapa 2-in-1 Black Opal, Ruby and Diamond Pendant (with Valero Mirror Necklace).
Gabriela Figure – Gold Solana 4-in-1 rings/ earrings The Mapa 2-in-1 Black Opal, Ruby and Diamond Pendant (with Valero Mirror Necklace)

Caitlin Mociun

Caitlin Mociun.
Image Source: Mociun

Born in California, Caitlin Mociun began traveling at the age of 12 and spent six years living in Asia and Europe, including prolonged stints in Malaysia and Prague, before graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in textiles. Caitlin Mociun’s line of fine jewelry is all composed of rare and unusual diamonds and gemstones.

Her Work

Azure Earrings. Eternity Intaglio Seal Necklace. Aerial Earrings.
Azure Earrings Eternity Intaglio Seal Necklace Aerial Earrings

Eager to enter? Learn how via IGI ExpressionsTM.

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Written by Bianca Mac Donald 

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