3 stone OEC dazzler


Winnietucker posted this unbelievable north south 3 stone OEC ring on the Show Me the Bling forum at PriceScope! You may need to stop and pick up your jaw, I know I sure did! Where would you wear this one?


gorgeous details


This is a fabulous look, finger coverage #goals! Jewelry shopping can be such a morale boost for PriceScopers, who doesn’t love adding to their bling collection? Looking at my sparkle also just makes me happy, so I would probably wear this around the house just for me if nothing else! I love the stack, I love the shapes, this is just magnificent! Congratulations on this and the new ring from James Allen (that we also need more pics of!)


Delightful finger coverage


The stats on the 3 stones:


1.43 ct
Color: K
Clarity SI1


Color: L
Clarity VS2

Color: L
Clarity: SI1


Visit the original post and join me in congratulating Winnietucker, let’s ask for more pictures! Where would you wear this one?

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By Kayti Kawachi


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