3 Million Posts Giveaway!

*Update – Congratulations to our 3 Millionth poster, AprilBaby!

We are 4,000 posts away from 3,000,000 total posts!

Pop the Champagne for 3 million posts!

So guess what?

The PS member who posts the 3 millionth forum post will receive a $1,000 gift certificate to be spent with any Pricescope Featured Sponsor.

So keep posting, and celebrate this 3 million posts milestone with us!

We would like to thank everyone for making Pricescope the largest and most amazing diamond and jewelry community!

Thank you for your continued posts. We appreciate it!


PS Staff

*All members are eligible with the exception trade members and PS staff. If the 3 millionth post violates PS policy, then it will not be considered. If that happens, the runner-up will be the winner.

Discuss the 3 Million Posts Giveaway on the Forum.

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