2nd Winner of Pricescope’s 2014 $5,000 Holiday Giveaway! Congratulations to RTFrog!

By Erika Winters

We are excited to announce that RTFrog is the 2nd winner of Pricescope’s 2014 $5,000 Holiday Giveaway! RTFrog has won a $1,000 gift certificate to spend with any Pricescope Featured Sponsor. New to the contest? We are giving away gift certificates to our registered members who submit the following posts from Pricescope’s total post count:
#3,780,000 • #3,785,000 • #3,790,000 • #3,795,000 • #3,800,000. All you have to do is post to win!

Post #3,780,000 • 1st Winner: Niel

Pricescope 2014 $5000 Holiday Giveaway 1st Winner Niel

Check out her winning post.

*** Post #3,785,000 • 2nd Winner: RTFrog ***

Pricescope 2014 $5000 Holiday Giveaway 2nd Winner RTFrog

Check out his winning post.

Stay tuned, we have three more to go!




To follow our current post count, go to the forum main page and scroll to the bottom. As of today, we have over 3,786,300 forum posts, so we are on our way to the third prize!

So keep posting for a chance to win a $1,000 gift certificate!

Visit the 2014 Pricescope $5,000 Holiday Giveaway forum thread for additional details, rules, and to chat about the contest!

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