What is your Diamond IQ?

Take quick 12 question quiz and determine your diamond IQ.


1. The most important thing in finding a sparkly diamond is color and clarity.
2. Diamonds sold on the internet are primarily rejects or stones that don’t meet the grade at your mall or local jeweler.
3. The best way to shop for diamonds is in a jewelry store with bright lighting.
4. More facets on a diamond mean more sparkle.
5. Hearts and Arrows on a diamond mean excellent symmetry in the stone.
6. An AGS0 grade means that the diamond is an ‘ideal’ cut.
7. SI clarity does not guarantee that the stone will be eye-clean.
8. An IF or FL clarity grading means that the diamond has perfect clarity.
9. Diamond grading reports are 100% accurate and eliminate the need of independent evaluation.
10. All one-carat diamonds are going to be the same size.
11. Buying from a Brick and Mortar jeweler is safer than buying online.
12. There is no need to send a diamond with a grading report from a good lab to an independent appraiser.