Independent Appraisal

With the publication of this report, consumers buying on-line may feel more
need for the services of an independent expert when purchasing a meaningful
diamond. Traditionally this was the role of a retailer; to provide consumers
with a safe and secure shopping service. Relying on grading reports is not a
‘carte blanche’ without seeing the diamond is not good for anyone in the trade,
so it cannot be different for consumers who do not have the expertise to make
their own assessment of color, clarity, cut, and light behavior. Many will
continue to look for outside assistance of the type provided by one of the
authors, Mr Dave Atlas, who has been active in advising consumers for many
years, even long before the Internet.

The Pricescope experience shows that many ‘diamond junky’ consumers know more
about diamonds than those working within the industry; hardly surprising given
that diamonds are such a desirable product. The vast amounts of collected
information and expert advice on Pricescope feeds ‘diamond junkies’ minds, as
well as those of participating industry experts; those experts and retailers
often agree that they have learned a lot on the
Pricescope Forum
. It seems that the more a consumers knows, the
more need they seem to have for an independent appraisals.

New diamond consumers, armed with a wealth of information and sometimes an
, are often better informed than the staff behind
jewelry store counters. Many of these consumers have raised expectations.
Pricescope wants to help retailers learn to deal with this new type of
customer. One way is to develop a ‘voice’ on Internet Forums; giving freely of
their expertise engenders trust and will ensure they thrive. Many of those
to up-skill in this Internet led information
revolution will go the way of the


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