Tacori Review: Expert Insights

Experience a world of fine jewelry, and natural and lab-grown loose diamonds, many potential buyers turn to trusted platforms like PriceScope to aid in their purchasing decisions. In our comprehensive Tacori review, we shine a light on the brand’s intricate designs, legacy, and what truly sets it apart in the fine jewelry market. Whether you’re a seasoned jewelry aficionado or a novice hoping to make an informed choice, our Tacori review on PriceScope promises insightful details that cater to every discerning taste. 

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Tacori Review: Expert Insights

When we talk about iconic designs in the jewelry industry, Tacori instantly comes to mind. Tacori, known for its master craftsmanship and timeless designs, has been a beloved name for decades. For those contemplating a Tacori ring purchase, it is essential to understand the history, design, and where best to purchase these pieces. Here, we explore Tacori’s legacy and why buying from a renowned vendor like WhiteFlash is pivotal.

The Legacy of Tacori

Established in California, Tacori has built its reputation by marrying European flair with contemporary design. But what sets Tacori apart? It’s their signature design: a half-moon arc, best known as the crescent silhouette. The beauty of a Tacori ring isn’t just in its design, but also in the intricate engravings and unmatched craftsmanship.

Tacori Ring Design Categories

Tacori offers a vast range of designs. As of the last update, they have 13 signature collections. Here are our top 9 favorite Tacori categories:

Classic Crescent

Classic Crescent by Tacori is a testament to timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. This iconic collection showcases Tacori’s signature crescent silhouette, where interlinked half-moon arcs are expertly carved into the rings, providing windows of light to enhance the brilliance of the diamonds. Meticulously detailed and passionately designed, the Classic Crescent rings embody a vintage charm seamlessly married with modern finesse. A symbol of Tacori’s legacy, these rings encapsulate the romance and tradition the brand is celebrated for.

18k White Gold Tacori Classic Crescent Twist Diamond Engagement Ring at Whiteflash

Clean Crescent

Clean Crescent by Tacori offers a modern and refined twist to the brand’s iconic designs. This collection emphasizes the beauty of simplicity, pairing Tacori’s signature crescent silhouette with sleek, uninterrupted lines and minimalist aesthetics. Every ring in the Clean Crescent range stands out with its pristine contours, allowing the diamonds to truly shine with an understated elegance. A perfect blend of contemporary design and Tacori’s timeless craftsmanship, these rings are a sophisticated choice for the modern aficionado.

Full Bloom

Full Bloom by Tacori is a celebration of love in its most radiant form. This exquisite collection draws inspiration from nature’s blossoms, translating their beauty into masterfully crafted rings. Each Full Bloom piece showcases a central diamond, encircled by a generous halo of melee diamonds, creating a ‘full bloom’ effect that dazzles from every perspective. Complemented by Tacori’s signature crescent detailing and impeccable craftsmanship, these rings are a vibrant embodiment of love’s full potential. For those seeking a ring that bursts with life and luminance, the Full Bloom collection is a breathtaking choice.

Petite Crescent

Petite Crescent by Tacori is an ode to understated elegance and refined beauty. This collection delicately scales down the brand’s iconic crescent silhouette, resulting in a more subtle and dainty design that still radiates with brilliance. Each ring in the Petite Crescent range beautifully juxtaposes the boldness of the central diamond with the intricate detailing of the slimmer, meticulously carved crescent motifs. Perfect for those who appreciate the allure of minimalism without compromising on luxury, the Petite Crescent collection offers an exquisite balance of subtlety and sparkle.

Reverse Crescent

Reverse Crescent by Tacori offers a fresh and innovative spin on the brand’s hallmark design. This collection transforms the classic crescent silhouette by inverting its arc, creating an elegant and unique pattern that sets these rings apart. With light reflecting off the crescent’s curves in unexpected ways, the diamonds achieve an enhanced sparkle and allure. Masterfully blending the familiar with the novel, the Reverse Crescent rings are a testament to Tacori’s commitment to continuous innovation. For those seeking a distinct yet timeless piece, this collection is a captivating journey of design evolution.


Ribbon by Tacori is a harmonious blend of fluidity and structure, weaving the essence of romantic intertwines into each ring’s design. This collection features bands that gracefully twist and turn, mimicking the gentle folds of a ribbon, wrapping the finger in a delicate embrace. The interplay of diamonds with the ribbon-inspired bands creates a dance of light and shadow, evoking elegance and movement. Tacori’s meticulous craftsmanship shines through in every curve and contour, making the Ribbon collection a poetic choice for those who cherish designs that tell a story of love and connection.


RoyalT by Tacori is the epitome of regal elegance and grandeur. Designed to accommodate larger center diamonds, this collection exudes a majestic presence, worthy of royalty. Each ring in the RoyalT range showcases intricate detailing, from the opulent halo settings to the signature crescent silhouette, all masterfully crafted to accentuate the splendor of the central gem. A tribute to love that’s both grand and timeless, the RoyalT collection is for those who seek a ring that stands out with distinction, capturing the essence of a love story that’s truly fit for royalty.

Simply Tacori

Simply Tacori is a collection that resonates with the essence of modern minimalism while staying true to Tacori’s heritage of intricate design. Stripping back to basics, these rings prioritize clean lines and the unadulterated beauty of the diamonds, allowing their natural brilliance to take center stage. Yet, subtle touches of the brand’s iconic crescent detailing remind wearers of the craftsmanship and legacy behind each piece. Perfect for those who appreciate understated elegance and the timeless charm of simplicity, the Simply Tacori collection captures the heart in the most uncomplicated of ways.


Starlit by Tacori draws inspiration from the ethereal beauty of the night sky. Each ring in this collection is designed to mirror the brilliance of stars, shimmering with a light that captivates and enchants. Delicate crescent details evoke the celestial patterns seen on a clear evening, while the diamonds, meticulously set, radiate like distant suns. Evoking a sense of wonder and romance, the Starlit collection is for those who dream of love as vast and infinite as the universe. It’s a perfect blend of celestial allure and Tacori’s signature craftsmanship.

Each collection caters to distinct tastes, ensuring there’s a design for everyone. Whether it’s the vintage allure of the Dantela collection or the regal sophistication of the RoyalT series, Tacori ensures uniqueness in every piece.

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WhiteFlash: The Preferred Vendor for Tacori Rings

When purchasing a luxury item, it’s paramount to do so from a reputable source. WhiteFlash is one such authorized retailer specializing in high-performance diamonds. They are known for offering “super ideal” cut diamonds that provide unmatched brilliance.

WhiteFlash’s partnership with Tacori ensures that you get an authentic Tacori setting paired with a top-tier diamond. Imagine buying a luxury car: the Tacori setting is the elegant body, and the WhiteFlash diamond is the powerful engine. Both need to be of exemplary quality to get the desired experience.

The Authenticity and Price Point of Tacori Rings

It’s undeniable: Tacori rings command a premium price. Their designer status, combined with high-quality craftsmanship, justifies the cost. Some might consider replicas for a lower price, but remember, not only is replicating trademark designs illegal, but you also miss out on the original quality. With Tacori, each ring is hand-made in the US, and you receive a lifetime of service and maintenance. This commitment to quality and service is unparalleled.

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Final Thoughts

Tacori has earned its esteemed place in the jewelry world. Its combination of traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs has won hearts globally. And when making such an important purchase, it’s wise to opt for a trusted vendor like WhiteFlash. Their commitment to quality diamonds ensures that your Tacori ring isn’t just a piece of jewelry, but a lifelong investment. 

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