Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé engagement rings have become a symbol of timeless elegance, capturing the hearts of couples around the world. These exquisite rings are characterized by a surface paved with closely set, small diamonds or gemstones, creating a breathtaking display of brilliance. In this article, we will delve into the world of pavé engagement rings, exploring their design, craftsmanship, and some reputable vendors, including Whiteflash, James Allen, Blue Nile, and Adiamor, who offer stunning pavé ring collections.

The Beauty of Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé Engagement Rings: A Complete Guide

Image Source: James Allen

Pronounced “pah-vey,” the term pavé originates from the French word for “paved.” Just as the name suggests, pavé engagement rings feature a surface covered in tiny, closely set diamonds or gemstones. These miniature gems are meticulously set into small drilled holes or held in place by tiny prongs, creating the illusion of a continuous, sparkling carpet of gemstones.

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History of Pavé Engagement Rings

Pavé settings have a long and storied history in the world of jewelry. Their origins can be traced back to the 18th century when jewelers in Europe began experimenting with techniques to maximize the brilliance of diamonds and gemstones. The pavé setting was born out of this desire to create a luminous and eye-catching effect.

The popularity of pavé engagement rings surged during the Art Deco era of the 1920s and 1930s. This period was marked by intricate and geometric designs, and pavé settings perfectly complemented the Art Deco style, offering a glamorous and sparkling aesthetic.

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Key Features of Pavé Engagement Rings

Traditional micro Pavé setting engagement ring setting

Image Source: The Diamond Pro

  1. Microscopic Gemstones: Pavé settings employ small diamonds or gemstones, often less than 1mm in diameter. These tiny stones are set closely together, ensuring they fit seamlessly within the design.
  2. Delicate and Elegant: Pavé rings are celebrated for their delicate and elegant appearance. The intricate design draws attention to the central diamond or gemstone, making it appear even more prominent and brilliant.
  3. Enhanced Sparkle: The closely set gemstones in a pavé setting catch and reflect light from multiple angles, intensifying the overall sparkle and brilliance of the ring.
  4. Versatility: Pavé settings can be incorporated into various engagement ring styles, from classic solitaires to intricate vintage designs, making them versatile and suitable for a wide range of tastes.

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Exploring Notable Pavé Engagement Ring Vendors

Now, let’s take a closer look at some renowned pavé engagement ring vendors known for their exceptional craftsmanship and stunning designs. These are some of the best listed vendors on where to buy engagement rings

1. Whiteflash

Whiteflash is a well-established vendor known for its commitment to excellence and precision. They offer a range of pavé engagement rings that combine craftsmanship with high-quality diamonds.

Signature Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Diamond Engagement Ring: Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are renowned for their exceptional cut quality. Their pavé engagement rings, such as the “A CUT ABOVE® Diamond Engagement Ring,” feature stunning center stones complemented by pavé-set diamonds along the band. These rings are known for their exceptional sparkle and precision.

Expert Craftsmanship: Whiteflash’s master jewelers take great care in setting the pavé diamonds, ensuring a seamless and secure finish. Their attention to detail is evident in the meticulous alignment of the stones.

Customization Options: Whiteflash offers customization options, allowing couples to choose the metal type, gemstone color, and other design elements to create a personalized pavé engagement ring.

2. James Allen

James Allen is an online retailer known for its vast selection of engagement rings, including a wide array of pavé designs. Their rings are designed to cater to various tastes and preferences.

Wide Selection: James Allen offers a diverse range of pavé engagement rings, from classic and timeless designs to more intricate and unique options. This variety allows couples to find the perfect ring to suit their style.

360-Degree View: James Allen provides a 360-degree viewing feature for their rings, allowing customers to examine each pavé setting from every angle, ensuring confidence in their purchase.

Transparent Pricing: James Allen offers transparent pricing, enabling customers to make informed decisions based on their budget and preferences.

3. Blue Nile

Blue Nile is a reputable online jeweler known for its vast selection and quality diamonds. They offer a variety of pavé engagement rings designed to capture the essence of everlasting love.

Quality Diamonds: Blue Nile is committed to providing high-quality diamonds, and this commitment extends to their pavé engagement rings. Each diamond is hand-selected for its brilliance and beauty.

Design Customization: Blue Nile offers customization options, allowing couples to select the perfect metal, diamond shape, and other design elements to create a pavé engagement ring that reflects their unique style.

Certified Diamonds: Blue Nile provides certification from reputable grading laboratories for their diamonds, offering customers peace of mind regarding the quality of their chosen stone.

4. Adiamor

Adiamor is a family-owned jeweler with a focus on offering beautifully crafted engagement rings. They provide a range of pavé designs that combine artistry with exceptional gemstones.

Handcrafted Excellence: Adiamor’s pavé engagement rings are handcrafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that each ring is a work of art. The attention to detail in setting the pavé diamonds is evident in the finished product.

Wide Selection: Adiamor offers a wide selection of pavé engagement rings in various styles, including vintage-inspired and modern designs, catering to diverse preferences.

Diamond Education: Adiamor provides customers with valuable diamond education resources to help them make informed decisions when choosing a pavé engagement ring.

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Pavé engagement rings represent an exquisite choice for couples seeking a symbol of timeless elegance and enduring love. Their unique design, meticulous craftsmanship, and ability to enhance the brilliance of the central diamond or gemstone make them an increasingly popular choice in the world of engagement rings.

When selecting a pavé engagement ring, it’s essential to consider reputable vendors like Whiteflash, James Allen, Blue Nile, and Adiamor known for their commitment to quality, customization options, and transparency in pricing. With the right vendor, you can embark on a journey to find the perfect pavé engagement ring that captures the essence of your love and commitment.

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