Radiant Cut Diamond: Everything You Need To Know

Radiant Cut Diamonds – Basics

The radiant diamond is a mixed cut which offers dazzling fire and brilliance and pairs well with other diamonds, whether round or square shapes.

PriceScope Pointer: Most laboratories issue NO CUT GRADE for shapes other than round: If the cut is described as “Ideal” or “Excellent” (etc.) it’s a seller’s description, not a laboratory judgment.

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Radiant Cut Diamond Described

Among the various diamond shapes the radiant cut diamond was developed by Henry Grossbard in 1977. A deliberate effort to mix the brilliant and step cut faceting styles, Grossbard’s marquise diamond design offers dazzling fire and brilliance and the cut corners create a shape aesthetic that pairs well with either round or square shaped diamonds. The radiant cut diamond also has cut-corners to prevent chips.

Radiant cut diamond

The Fancy, Inconvenient Truth

The radiant cut diamond is often cut for heavier weight, at the expense of beauty. This is because many grading laboratories, including GIA, do not assess the optical performance of the radiant cut diamond or other fancy shapes. With no standards enforced, manufacturers tend to plan for the highest yield possible.


The AGS and GCAL assess and grade the optical performance of certain fancy shapes. If you’re seeking cut quality affirmation, fancy shapes with performance deficits will not earn the highest marks from those top-tier laboratories.


Radiant Cut Diamond Selection Tips

Radiant Cut Diamond Size Comparison

Length to Width Ratio:

  • For a square radiant cut diamond we recommend a ratio of 1.0 – 1.05.
  • For a rectangular radiant diamond you can consider ratios up to 2.0

Other Notes:

The style of the radiant cut diamond aids in the concentration of color so near colorless grades may seem more tinted than they would in the round brilliant or princess cut diamond shape.

That radiant diamond cutting style is often utilized to maximize color in fancy colored diamonds, sometimes pushing a light yellow diamond in the S-Z range into the fancy yellow category.

The facet patterning of a radiant cut diamond is adept at concealing inclusions allowing you to maximize your money by buying a lower clarity grade if you wish.

The cut corners of the radiant cut diamond make them a great choice for wearers with an active lifestyle.

Radiant Cut Diamond Prices

PriceScope has been maintaining radiant cut diamond prices chart since 2017 and you can visit radiant cut diamond prices for the latest retail radiant cut diamond price statistics.

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