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Will This Work for a proposal? Ring Issue


May 9, 2011
So I've reached the big step in ourt relationship and I'm a bit confused on an area. I have a ring passed down from my mother that has 7 diamonds and is in an older ring (yellow gold) style. Not sure she will like it and I'm sure we may take a few of the diamonds and put into a new platinum ring setting.

A guy I talked with at a ring store said it may take a specialty store to do this and perhaps 2-3 weeks to place them in a new ring.
*Should I get a ring she can wear in the meantime till the real one get's fitted?? Perhaps a CZ or something she can show friends in the meantime? I know sh emay be too excited to wait 3 weeks to show people a ring on her finger?




Jun 18, 2010
I would propose with your mom's ring, and tell her you will be getting something else made. This way she can be involved in the design process. Pick out a temporary ring with her (either a cz or a band or a gemstone, whatever).

I friend of mine got engaged with a temporary ring so that they could pick out a ring together. The only problem with it was everyone wanted to see her ring and she had to tell people it was a temp ring. Not really a problem, but not quite as nice as having the real thing right off the bat. Of course, once she got her ring, she got to be excited all over and show it off.
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