Which DIAPERS Do You Like Best?


Feb 20, 2003
We used Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers with A because they fit her best as a newborn. I just bought boxes of the NB and Size 1 for baby #2, due next week, and I am not happy to read they have changed. As A got bigger, we switched to Huggies. Costco has good prices on large boxes of Huggies, but I think the smallest size they carry is size 3. The Huggies Overnights are great. We switched to Huggies Pull-ups after she turned 2. Costco sells boxes that have 60 daytime and 30 nighttime pull-ups, but the nighttime pull-ups do not work as well as the Overnights diapers.


Jan 13, 2005
When Ellie was in newborn size and size 1, we used Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive. Liked those, and the little color change strip was kinda cool! We also used the Target brand (Up&Up) and were very happy with those as well - they aren't quite as soft, but they contained leaks/messes well and they are pretty cheap (between 6-7 dollars for 50 newborn size or ~42 size 1's, I think). At nighttime, we had been using Pampers Baby Dry (the ones that say "12 hr protection" on the package, but I think they're dry max free), which worked well most of the time (occasional leaks still). Now that she's big enough for size 3's, we are using huggies overnight's in size 3 for nighttime (no leaks so far) and target brand size 2's at daytime, since I have a stash I need to use up! Have also been happy with regular huggies during the daytime as well - had more leaks with them at night, though. Knock on wood, she hasn't had a diaper rash yet. We never tried anything with dry max in it because of all the bad stuff I read about it.

So overall, I would recommend you get your friend some size 1's or 2's, in any of the brands mentioned above (but avoid dry max, just in case). I think a lot of it has to do with individual babies's shapes as to how well any given diaper brand is going to fit, and also on how sensitive their skin is to the various ingredients/fragrances/etc in the different brands, so she'll probably just have to try different ones till she settles on one fave! :)
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