what to do at 40 weeks?


Jun 27, 2006
I'm 40w1d pregnant. My work has told me that they won't start my leave yet, but if I don't have any reason to be there, they don't care. My house is spotless (for once in my life!). My laundry is done. I have too many baby clothes already and I can't buy clothes for myself right now. My hands ache and I can't knit, and I pulled a groin muscle that makes it uncomfortable to walk too much.

I'm clearly not used to not being busy and productive, and I know I should take advantage, but I honestly don't know what to do with myself!? I guess I could sit home and read a book and watch tv but that just seems so useless.

Any suggestions?

Jennifer W

Jun 18, 2010
You could read all the novels you can find, because you sure as heck won't have time to pick one up in the very near future... ;)) I love to read, so I did a lot of that in my last few weeks of pregnancy. I also finished a dissertation on evidence law, but that was just bad timing on my part. :bigsmile:

How about sewing? Do you have a machine? If not, you could seek one out, and restore it - an antique hand-turned Singer or similar is very easy to restore, with very simple mechanics, but it's quite satisfying and not too fiddly for sore hands.Pick one up in a junk store or on ebay (get one local to you, save shipping costs, because they're heavy) If you have a table you can sit at to work on it, you can strip, clean and assemble, then polish and finish until it gleams. Once it's looking gorgeous and turning smoothly, you can start reading up on quilting techniques, to make a quilt for your baby's first big boy / girl bed using the first year's baby clothes.

I love planning craft projects - since you mentioned you're a knitter, I'm guessing you might be interested in this sort of thing. I do adore working on old machinery, too. There's a lot of literature out there on fixing them up, but Tools for Self Reliance has a comprehensive and easy to follow manual. If you enjoy it, maybe consider doing a second one to donate when your baby is older.

Failing that, go to the spa! I know everyone says this, but it really is the last 'you' time you'll have for a little while. Enjoy it and revel in being idle if you can.


Sep 21, 2006
Are you working from home or otherwise not going in? Defnitely take advantage of that b/c it literally could be any moment now!

You can work on things you never get around too - that wedding album (haha), cooking meals to freeze for when baby is here, items you never picked up for baby, send emails to old friends, watch some bad TV. Just make sure you are still near home - I did these things but was in denial that I was in labor when it did happen (did laundry, didn't pack a bag). I think we watched a birth DVD the night before I went into labor - another thing I had been putting off,etc. Keep checking in here too!


Mar 13, 2008
Ideas to keep you busy:

1. Address envelopes for the baby announcements. You're going to need to send it out anyway.
2. Catch up on TV shows via NetFlix
3. Sort out photo albums, create photo books for past vacations/family events.

I might come up with more.



Aug 17, 2007
Basil, I feel for you! My kid was 10 days late and I'd been taken out of work about 2 weeks before my due date and I didn't know what to do with myself. I went to a LOT of movies and read a lot of books. Went swimming, lunch with friends.

Now I look back on that time as a lovely quiet time before my Life Changed Forever. :cheeky: So I know it's hard to enjoy, you are antsy, but the thing to realize is that baby WILL be here before you know it!

Hang in there!


Apr 28, 2008
Relax, go for (short) walks with your DH, take a leisurely shower, watch or rent a movie, and get lots of SLEEP!! Trust me, you'll really miss sleep when your baby boy is born. ;-) :) I agree with whoever mentioned addressing envelopes for birth announcements, if you're planning to do them. Good idea. You could also check out some books on sleep advice, parenting, and caring for a newborn. I found these types of books very useful in the first few months.


Nov 2, 2006
Logan Sapphire|1312214744|2981623 said:
Go to the movies!

I haven't been out to the movies in 2 years...

This! I haven't been to the movies since before I had Aidan. And it's air conditioned. And if you have a theater with premium seating they'll bring you yummy snacks and you can put your feet up.

I also loved getting pedicures late in my pregnancy.


Jul 22, 2007
Rest as much as possible, you'll need it. I loved getting preggo massages, pedicures, anything that's pampering.

Watch movies and read books.
Prepare thank-you notes.
Write a journal about all your baby thoughts.
Start a scrapbook of your pregnancy.

Have dates. Have sex. Have a long bath. It'll be a while before you can again.
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