Weight Loss & other bling type goals & projects


Jul 20, 2012
I posted in the thread LLJ'smom made about everyones 2016 Bling Goals.

I had decided that IF I hit my weight loss goal, I would buy a new watch. DS was interested in that dialogue so I've started a new thread so we didn't derail LLJ's thread.

I was carrying a good 35-40 pounds. I embarrassed to even talk about it openly BUT, since this is anonymous, and no one KNOWS me, I'm comfortable posting. Once I had my child bearing years behind me & hit 40, I never got back to my pre-childbirth weight, which was 115. I'm laughing as I type, I'm 58/59 in March, & no way do I want to get back to THAT number. :lol: :lol: I'd be happy with 140. I'm now 23 pounds away from 140. So--since I love all things that flash like a crow, (credit: Catmom) I decided to give myself an incentive to think about when the urge hits for sweets etc. Sugar...or new Rolex. Hmmmm...not too tough.

And so the ensuing dilemma begins, which one--in what configuration. :read:

So, anyone else have any goals to meet that you plan on rewarding yourself with bling? 8-)
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