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Oct 11, 2008
I had one. I kid you not. And maybe I asked for it. As lame as this sounds, before I went to bed I thought, "I hope I have a dream about our wedding." I was hoping for a positive one, and instead I got two crazy-realistic, awful, gut-wrenching dreams.

#1- I walked out into the reception area to see how set-up was going, and everything was a TOTAL disaster. All the tables were different sizes, the linens were all wrong, the chairs (I have a thing about chairs...) were mismatched & ugly & awful and they didn''t put our chair covers on (which we paid for!). I told one of the employees, "We paid for chair covers! Where are they?!" and he told me there wasn''t enough time to get the covers on.

#2- I was getting ready to walk down the isle, and my hair was a disaster... For whatever reason I hadn''t booked a hair appointment & I didn''t have any hair supplies with me. Frantically I started searching for area salons... And what''s odd is that I was looking up info for ACTUAL salons where i live (though I''m not getting married in this state?) But for whatever reason, my internet was NOT working & pages were loading slowly, and we didn''t have a phone book... So I couldn''t get the number to any salon & time was dwindling away... And my photographer showed up & then told me if I wasn''t ready, she was leaving, as she wasn''t going to photograph me with my awful hair.

These sound lame, and really-- there are SO many more horrible things that could happen... But I woke up in an awful panic, totally un-rested, and my nerves were shot. Geeze. The hair dream was especially bad.

Has anyone else had wedding nightmares?


Jan 6, 2005
I totally had these before my wedding. I think its totally normal - there is just a lot going on emotionally, and I think its just your brain''s way of trying to help you sort it all out.


Mar 31, 2008
Oh, I''ve been having wedding nightmares weekly! I''ve had the one where I''m about to walk down the aisle and I realize I forgot to get my hair done and it''s all ratty and awful looking. Or that I forgot my dress, or something else.
Even my fiance had one last week! He dreamed that we couldn''t find a chapel to get married at that had a normal aisle. He kept telling everybody he knew I wouldn''t be happy because it wasn''t what I wanted.
And by far the most funny- the bestman told me yesterday that he dreamed it was the day of our wedding and he was the only one who forgot to get fitted for his tux. We went to the tux shop and they didn''t have what the guys were wearing, so he had to wear a pieced-together tux that didn''t match at all, and I was so furious at him and my fiance! The best part is that yesterday he actually went to get fitted just so something like that couldn''t happen!
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