wedding band (music) vent

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Sep 21, 2006
i''m getting a little worried about the band we booked--not sure if it''s just bridal paranoia, or something of concern.
our band is very reasonably priced (for east coast) so I''m hoping I don''t find out there''s a reason why. They came highly recommended from a very good friend of mine, although she married 8 yrs ago. That plus price seemed like a good bet.

The band has full time jobs so sometimes the band leader is hard to get in touch with. He does always eventually call me though. I''ve been asking for a DVD of the band for sometime (just so we can have a reference..all other bands sent ones to me) and he said he would send one if we signed a contract, which I did. Now he says he''ll look into it, I can look at website clips. This kind of annoys me. He also says we don''t really need to plan anything/chat again till 4-6 wks before the wedding. This seems awfully close to me. What about my playlist? Special songs? Getting to know me so that he knows what vibe to go for at wedding? Am I expecting too much? Even though they are cheap for a band, it''s still $3K plus. I''ve also asked when they''re playing next so I can see how they are live, but he seems not too quick to get back on that either. I think I''m just nervous about the unknown, and with him not being overly responsive, it''s all adding to my fears. Is all of the stuff he saying standard? If so, I''ll know it''s just a case of bridal madness!


May 16, 2006
janine--i can totally relate to your fears. I too hired a band and I have no idea how they will be received! I have heard them play live and know they are really fantastic, but a wedding is a whole other gig! They are only costing $950, which is incredibly cheap (my mother is friends with the lead singer ) so I feel like live music alone is worth that price, but I am going to have an ipod playlist of top 40''s on standby just so there is some variety if needed and b/w sets etc.

I live in a small town with little access to different services like florists, bakers etc. and I am also getting married out of town, so this has meant dealing with vendors over email and phone. I am amazed by the generally crummy customer service i have recieved. it takes days for people to email or call me back, and often i have to leave more than one message. Just recently I asked my out-of-town- florist if we could meet on her schedule to look at pictures of what I could expect from her arrangements (she had simply made a quote for me based on my colour scheme and described her ideas in writing)--she said okay, but that she normally only corresponds over email! I am thinking, does she simply show up on my wedding day, meet me for the first time and hope that i like what SHE has put together
I don''t think it is too much to expect just ONE meeting with the person decorating my event....

I would really try to get to the next show your band is playing at. I think that will really ease your fears. Also, don''t be afraid to present a few ''must play'' songs to is standard for a band to follow some sort of play list at a wedding...if they are not willing to do this i may look for someone else.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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