Venue won''t take 2008 reservations until May 1st...

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Oct 13, 2006
So the venue that we want for the reception does not start taking reservations for dates in 2008 until May 1st, 2007. We have two acceptable dates in Aug. 2008 that will work for the wedding.

If it turns out that this venue is taken by the time we call in (it''s a mad rush to call in on that day with constant busy signal apparently, because all 2008 months are trying to call, and no in-person meetings are allowed, it must be done by phone), we don''t really have acceptable second choices.

The few alternative venues that would be fine (but major compromises) are high demand venues, and have $$$ deposits so it''s not like we could reserve a second choice just in case and then forfeit the deposit if we don''t get the first venue, or count on one of them still being open come May 1st.

This is really making me anxious, because I know summer of 2008 venues and churches are being booked as we speak. I can''t even reserve a church right now because I don''t know what date we''ll get, or where the venue will be, and there are only three Catholic churches in the vicinity, and all three may well be booked come May 1st when I find out what/if I got my venue.

What would you guys do? Has anyone else encountered this problem?

I guess I''m being kind of inflexible with the date, but we have jobs w/ schedules that are inflexible.

(sorry if this post doesn''t make sense, I''m just so frustrated. After diligently searching for a place, we finally found one, and now we find out that it''s the only one I''ve heard of that has this policy)


May 1, 2005
It''s a common practice. Enlist the help of family and friends for the best chances. I would call a bit early to try to get through...unless they have an answering machine.

Do any of your second choices offer a courtesy 24-48 hour hold with no cash deposit? Then at least you coiuld potentially have a back up in line just in case.


Jan 15, 2007
My hotel normally doesn''t accept reservations for the next year until 10 months before each date so that doesn''t seem especially odd to me, do you happen to know anyone who works at the venue or could possibly help you book it? Also do they accept walk-in bookings? If so you could be waiting at the door/lobby/garden etc bright and early -- If neither of these is an option then remember that *66 automatically redials a number that is busy for an hour after you first attempt to call - at least that might give you a jump on getting through on the phone --


Nov 12, 2006
Those are great ideas that should increase the liklihood of your getting this venue. However, I am thinking that the amount of worry you may harbor until May 1 might not be worth it in the end? Is there any chance there is an even more perfect venue out there that you haven''t yet heard of? Perhaps you can plan to do all you can to get your first choice on May 1 but in the meantime continue looking as if you don''t have a venue.

Sounds like you are starting nice and early in the planning and that that is what you want so it may really mess you up to have to wait 4 more months before you can really start anything (alot of things depend on the venue IMHO). On the other hand, if you looked around and found a better (more accesible) place in the next month, you would indeed be able to plan and keep on your planning timeline.

Just ideas because I know what it feels like to feel "in love" with a venue. And it''s hard to see other venues with stars in your eyes over the one that you can''t have right now.

As one more option, even though it''s difficult, perhaps coming up with a few more dates will increase your liklihood even more.

Keep us posted on what you decide! This is a tough one


Apr 14, 2006
I would have someone try calling and someone be there for when they open the doors. Same thing happened to me, my first choice was a lot more affordable, but didn''t take reservations until 12 months out from the date. Doors opened at 730, my parents were there at 645, there were two sets of parents already there. One had just gotten there, another had SLEPT there. Unfortunately one of them wanted my date, so we didn''t get it. It worked out though, I love the place we''re getting married at now, but didn''t even really like the other place we were considering. Anyway, my point is, find out when they open and be first in line, don''t just call.
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