Vegas Vow Renewal


May 14, 2016
Hi Guys

We are heading to Vegas in December and would like to renew our wedding vows as we will be there on the 20th anniversary of the day hubby proposed. Seems too coincidental to pass up.

Anyway, it would just be me, hubby and our 2 boys (13 & 11). I looked at Bellagio and it was a minimum of $1500. :hand: As much as I would love it, it is way too much for just the 4 of us.

I would like something lovely and memorable. But also part of me thinks when in Vegas... be stereotypical :lol:

Can anyone throw some recommendations or some venues at me to start my research.

I'll either go something lovely with views of water or something, or else something themed, not with Elvis as we aren't Elvis fans, but I'm not sure what else is available.

Would love some feedback for an Aussie girl who has never been to Vegas.



Aug 25, 2015
It sounds like the timing of when you'll be in Vegas is perfect so hopefully you can find something that works. The weather in December will be good and not too hot like in summer.
The Wynn casino has a vow renewal at $1290 but that isn't much less than the one you looked at for the Bellagio. I prefer the Wynn over the Bellagio since I think the garden areas that they have are better plus the buffet is my favorite. That place is pricey but you could get some dynamite photos.

It looks like the Paris casino on the strip has a package for $650 and from the pictures online one of the chapels looks nice. I don't think the view of the strip is really all that great unless it is at night. If you end up wanting something a bit more vegas then you can check out a place called Little Chapel of Flowers that has decent reviews. I also stumbled on a place called Luv Bug Weddings which looks like it has some interesting places you could get married like the Neon Museum and a couple of pretty state parks. Their photography seemed impressive and it would be a way to get a photo session of your family somewhere interesting. There is also a ferris wheel called the High Roller that you can get married on. That looks like it would be fun but that is known for having a lot of drunk people around since they serve the drinks there. It could be a bit unpredictable but then Vegas is always interesting.

Here's some links that should get you started with your research. Good luck and have fun!


Oct 12, 2015
What did you end up doing? I hope it was great!
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