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Suggestions please

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May 16, 2006
I have been collecting some neat, vintage picture frames of different sizes over the past months. What I would like to do is have one large black/white pic of my fiance and I at the guest book table, surrounded by smaller, black/white pics of my parent''s and my grandparent''s wedding day.

Here''s my problem. Out of the 6 couples that will be pictured, one set of grandparents are now divorced. These two get along great,and will both be at the wedding with their new partners, but I don''t know how to do this display without either leaving them out altogether, or making it obvious that they are divorced.

Do you think I should just have pics of my parent''s wedding day--and skip the grandparents b/c of this issue? I would really like to include my grandparents b/c I am super close to them and they have the most gorgeous pics ever. Plus, all 3 generations on my mom''s side will have pics from the same church on display which i would like people to see....

Suggestions please !

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Mar 28, 2006
Have you asked those grandparents what they would prefer? If they still get along they might not mind having their wedding photo displayed. They may also tell you they prefer not to have it displayed.
I think that overall that''s a really neat idea, especially since you have pictures of different generations at the same church.
Good luck!
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