Story book proposal ideas?

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Mar 3, 2007
Hello all

I am going to be proposing in a little over a month and am trying to come up with ideas. After reading around i think a scrapbook type proposal would be a neat keepsake for my future fiance and I.

Anyways i am really unsure how to go about it. I was thinking of doing it in third person. It would basically be a story about two people (us), how they met and how the relationship progressed. It would then lead up to the big day of the proposal (we are going to hawaii). The last page would basically be something about the proposal. I havent worked out any of the details yet.......

I was wandering if anyone had any examples of books that they or others have made?

Also i was thinking about trying to make it look like an actual book (something similiar to a childrens picture/story book). Do you think this is a good idea or would you just do a scrap type book? If it is a good idea anyone know where i can get something like that printed/bound?

I lack in the creativity department but am going to do my best with this. Hopefully someone will have some inspiration for me.

thanks for any and all help.


Jun 26, 2004
I made one for my own proposal two years ago. Scrapbooking is a huge industry and people make a big deal about it, but your goal here would be something simple and sweet. I don''t have any way to show you mine, but you can visit some scrapbooking websites if you want to see how people put them together. They go all out though. Mine was not as fancy as what the hobbyists do. If you want a different idea, you could consider making a photobook. There are many websites (Shutterfly and Snapfish for example) that allow you to upload digital (or scanned) photos which you can then arrange in a variety of layouts. You can add text and choose from a variety of sizes and bindings. It comes out very slick and professional looking, but it can be a lot of work. MyPublisher allows you to use their software on your own computer to do the same arranging and adding text, but since it''s on your own computer and not over the Internet it can be a little faster and more reliable. Hope the info gives you some ideas. Good luck!


May 18, 2007
Hiya, I had an idea that might hel you out.

I do this for my girlf sometimes when I am away.

I have previously made stories (similar to what you are thinking - a story based on us) but break it up into 6-8 parts.

For example, I went away for a week skiing with my mates, when at the airport (literally ten minutes after she dropped me off) I posted her a letter at home. The letter was the first page of the story. ON the bottom of the page it said ''YOU WILL FIND PAGE TWO .......

then I hid page 2 in an envelope in my jacket hanging in the hall. Page 2 had a not saying that page 3 was in an envelope under the bread bin, page four was in the boot of my car etc etc.

You could do somthing similar, with the final page being ''AT TABLE 3 OF ???? RESTAURANT'' or some other place.

When she arrives to find the final page of the book you could be there, ring in hand, ready to tell her the final part of the story

Huh? What you think!

When I was away skiing the final envelope had £100 in it and a note saying that her girlfriends had been arranged to meet her for dinner/drinks. But I''m sure if it was a proposal she would have been even happier!
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