Sky diving proposal.

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Mar 6, 2009
Almost twenty three years ago, my boyfriend and I went skydiving. We took the class and then waited our turn to go up and make the jump. While we were waiting a black limo pulled up into the remote field. I said to David, "Wow. There are really lost". Someone walked over and apparently redirected them. Then a while later some law enforcement came into the field. Again, someone walked over talked to them for a moment and off they went. Finally after a long wait we started to get ready for our turn in the plane. David had paid a jumper to put a video camera on his head to film the event. I thought it would be fun to have to prove that we actually jumped. We went up in the air. I was so nervous to jump but very excited to be so daring. David was the first to go. He had the biggest smile on his face when he jumped that I remember thinking if he crashes to earth at least he was happy. Then it was my turn. I stepped out the door on to the wing. When I reached for the bar that I was supposed to grab ahold of, my arm flew back. It was so scary. I got myself stablized and then the called the jump. I let go. It was so fun. I could see for miles and it was so peaceful to be floating down. Then it was time to look for the arrow down below. It guides you to the target. I saw this long brown thing that I didn''t remember seeing before we took off. Finally, I spotted the arrow. I did what we learned and turned the directions the arrow indicated, but then I started to freak out. Everyone else had already landed. Little did I know, my parachute was oversized so they could all be there waiting for me. That brown thing was a 100 foot sign that said "Kama Will you marry me?" The closer I got to earth, it came into focus. My stomach flipped and I started screaming. I missed braking soon enough and tumbled when I landed. It was a sunny day and the sun was shining through the grass. David came running through the field to me. It was like a movie. He said, "Well?". I responded with, "Well, What?". When he said it out loud I of course said yes. The limo that had come by earlier was for me. They came too early. The law enforcement was following up with a call from a neighbor saying there was a drug deal going down. It was hilarious. My ring was brought to me on a velvet pillow with tassels, and a red rose. How could I say no. All of our friends showed up when we were in the air and were waiting when I came down. There was champagne for all. I was quite impressed that he did all the planning without me knowing. I never figured it out. I guess he came up with this proposal when he was a teenager. I asked him what he would do if I wouldn''t have gone skydiving. He said that he knew the woman he married would go, and if she wouldn''t, she wasn''t the one for him. Whew. And best of all, we are still married and have the video to prove how we got engaged.


Jun 27, 2008
very cute, and you are one brave woman!!


Jul 17, 2008
Great story and BRAVE woman! Congrats on 23 wonderful years!
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