She said yes! Pics and story!


Mar 3, 2011
Hi all,

So after about 6 months of ring shopping, I finally got the ring last week! I did a custom design from WhiteFlash and couldn't be happier!

Ring Specs:
- 1.58 H SI1 oval
- Custom designed by me and made by WhiteFlash
- Platinum with .78 C of ACA melee
- Surprise diamonds under the cathedral

We love picnics so I found a secluded beach area in San Diego. It was an awesome area with about 15-20 foot cliffs that were nice and flat - the perfect spot! It started out with me shopping a few days before for some items...a new picnic basket, blanket, cushions, wine (one of her new favorites), cheese, bread and fruit. It was *very* hard to keep all of this hidden as we live together. In fact, I hid the cushions in one of the closets and she found them as she was cleaning and asked what they were for. I quickly said my mother gave them to us for some outdoor furniture...she bought it - *phew*!

On Tuesday (5/31/11), I told her I wanted to treat her to something. I left work early to setup and told her to meet me at the area I picked (I sent her GPS co-ordinates). She was surprised to find a picnic in such a pretty area - it was great. Sun was shinning (it was ~6 PM) and waves were crashing.

How I did the proposal:
We went to Maui in January and took some great pictures on the beach, so I used that as my excuse. I got the camera ready on a tripod and took some pictures. I told her turn around as I wanted to get a silhouette of us looking at the sun - basically a backside picture. Lame yes...but I needed to get her turned away so I could get the ring. She did and I then got down on one knee and asked her. Oh...the camera was recording as well :) After a short speech from me, tears from both of us, she said yes. :bigsmile:

It's been an amazing few days and am looking forward to a new chapter!



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