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Sharing my proposal...

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Oct 23, 2002
Well I proposed last thursday to my girlfriend of 6 years. I just figured I would share my proposal with you guys in hopes to help someone out.

I somehow came up with this idea, so don't ask how. I guess I was just trying to find a pretty & unique place to propose in Raleigh, NC and somehow came up with this.

A year ago there was a Ansel Adams display at the NC Museum of Art I really wanted to go to but never got a chance. Since neither of us are really really into art I used this to get us into the museum. Previously I had arranged for a section of the museum, near the front entrance, to be closed off for us. I also had arranged for a Bistro table holding a dozen roses, a picture of us, and a poem I wrote be setup in this section.

Once we arrived I went straight to the section, fighting off the typical womenly complaint saying "Shouldn't we ask someone where we are going?". I said no just follow me and we'll find it. I told here Ansel Adams was doing a signing, knowing she had no clue he had been dead for almost 20 years. ;-)

Anyways so I did it and she was very surprised. She read the poem and as she read it I did the whole "One knee" thing. She said yes and we hugged. She loved the diamond which I choose after alot of help from this website!! Once we were done looking around at the galleries, we headed for the door to be greeted by our Limo Driver where we were wisked away to our favorite "high-class" resteraunt. I had a change of clothes waiting in the Limo for us to change.

Anyways I just figured I would share. Its a great place to propose because we can always go back there and see the 2 paintings I proposed in front of, and remember the experience completely for free!

Thanks for this great website!



Dec 31, 1999
That was a great proposal in a beautiful setting! I was at that Ansel Adams exhibit last year! :)

Congratulations on your engagement. :appl:


Dec 28, 2002
Wow, That is a truly inspired proposal!

Well done....

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