selling on Loupe Troop?


Jan 22, 2014
Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post, but I am considering posting something for sale on loupe troop. Has anyone done this before? I am wondering if posts made on the site can be deleted at a later time and how the payment process works. I did notice on the site that some things have been posted for years and I want to be sure that if my piece does not sell that I can remove the posting.



Aug 5, 2010
Yes, it is completely up to you, the seller, and you can delete it at any time. It is easy to list things on LT and I would urge you to do so.


Mar 5, 2013
Yes, as Minous correctly said, you can edit your posts, mark them as sold, or delete them entirely. I've sold online for years now, around ten I guess? Always out of my own collections (which have changed over the years as I've gone through varying phases). I sold mostly through eBay, and sometimes through much smaller sites similar to LT but specific to whatever the hobby was (example - I sold comics through the CGC boards when I was into them :) ). Anyway - my point is that although I've used various sites to sell out of my various collections, LT is probably my favorite site for selling (love buying there too, lol). Love using it, and love selling directly to people that share my gem/jewelry passion. It's easy to use.

As far as payment goes, PayPal is what most people will expect to pay with, although you can theoretically accept pymt any way you would prefer, as you will set your own terms. You won't actually deal with pymt directly through LT, you'll just accept pymt however you choose, but it's not directly through LT. There are no fees, etc, involved, unless you use PayPal, and you'll then give them a small portion. People can send you a pymt directly through PayPal, or you can invoice them through PayPal (which is very easy to do. You'll need your own PayPal acct, of course, and then you'll need the PayPal address/email addy of who you want the invoice to go to. Just click on the PayPal button that says something like "send/request money", then there is an option that says "create an invoice", and go from there. It's very simple!)

One thing - I would include your direct email address in your listings. The only real issue I've ever had with LT was that it frequently doesn't forward messages correctly, they often get lost entirely. You'll see many listings over there that may note something like this (I do in mine).

I've made some nice friendly connections through LT too, I very much enjoy selling through that site. Give it a try! Good luck :)
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