Selling jewelry on The Real Real - discussion thread


Nov 26, 2017
As we gear up for the TRR finds thread that I'll be posting in the Show Me the Bling section, I wanted to create a thread for people with experiences selling jewelry on the Real Real. Also a place to post any helpful tidbits for people considering selling their sparkly wares on TRR.

To get us started, here is the commission table, which is listed for "branded" fine jewelry. Undetermined what the commission rate is for unbranded/unsigned jewelry.

Screen Shot 2024-05-11 at 7.47.36 AM.png

As someone who has sold bags to TRR, I want to emphasize, SELLERS DO NOT GET TO SET THEIR SALES PRICE. They are also not notified of the price determined by TRR before the item goes onto the website. So, in theory, you could have a diamond ring with a retail price of $3k. You might've paid $1.5k on LoupeTroupe. TRR might decide to price it at $700. You don't get to contest the price they set. You won't be notified when it goes on the website. If it sold, you would make a maximum of $462 for the ring with the commission table above.

There's more I can link to in terms of TikToks and other news articles, but I'll leave it at this for now.
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