Seeking advice on proposal idea...

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Feb 21, 2009
Hello all!

I will very soon be proposing to my wonderful girlfriend. My idea has evolved quite a bit since its original conception. But I am a little stuck now.

It will take place in the place where we met. It is a public place, but there is a private area where the proposal will happen. It will be decorated :D

I tossed around the idea of having friends or family there, but decided against it. I will have a friend helping me with the surprise element however.

Now, without giving too much away, here is my idea and what I am struggling with. My idea is sort of a scavenger hunt in this place. IT would be relatively easy, but along the way there would be notes about some of our time together. At the end there is a puzzle (easy) she would solve which would tell her where to meet me.

Now, she is a smart girl. She knows I will have a ring soon, so chances are she will know what is about after reading the first one.

My struggle is, will this spoil it? Would me simply tricking her to come to this place and proposing be memorable?

I think my idea is great (I would share more, but I can''t!) I just don''t want her to become anxious since she would know what is going on.

I was thinking that maybe I could first propose, then have her do the hunt... but at that point I don''t think she would be very interested!

So, I guess, would it be better to just do it with her totally surprised? Or do have her do something I think she would enjoy even though it would sort of alert her, and then propose?



Nov 16, 2008
Hi, what a creative idea! Just a few questions:
1. Do you think anyone could interrupt her scavenger hunt since it''s a public place?
2. If she figures it out after the first clue what''s happening, how far away will you be in case she wants to hug and kiss you? I''m guessing she won''t want to wait

3. Will you want to see her initial reaction?

Just some food for thought, she''ll appreciate your effort even if it''s a simple surprise, but you know her best!

Good luck!


Jan 7, 2009
Hi inthewind!

I actually did a similar proposal not too long ago. I debated having our parents there for the proposal. I ended up doing a scavenger hunt and then proposing at the end and then bringing her back to meet the parents who were waiting for us to celebrate. It turned out great. When she was running around finding things it occurred to me that she would probably figure out that there was a proposal at the end but I didn''t care b/c I thought it would make the hunt even more fun for her knowing what was at the end.

So, I think that you should go for it. If she knows that there is a proposal at the end I don''t think she would mind at all doing the hunt. I think it would make it exciting for her knowing that there is a great treasure at the end of the hunt! I also really really wanted to surprise my f with the proposal but what is more memorable... a really big surprise or the effort that you took in setting up the hunt and her going through it? I think you know what my opinion is... She will save those notes and clues forever! BUT at the end of it all... you know best and what is best suited for your girlfriend.

If you do the hunt though, I think you have to be out of sight so she can''t look at you for hints or to spoil the hunt.


Dec 12, 2008
Hello inthewind,

Congrats on your pending engagement! You must be excited.

I thought I would just throw my 2 cents in. I''ve been hearing about these scavenger hunt proposals a lot and I think it really, really depends on your future fiancee''s likes and dislikes.

I told my bf that I definitely did not want that kind of proposal and here are my reasons (just some food for thought):

1. I would want the proposal to be a special moment together so I wouldn''t want to be wandering around reading clues by myself.

2. I would be embarrassed to be poking around a public place looking for things.

3. If it''s a surprise you''re going for, it''s pretty much ruined when she gets the first clue (unless you send her on scavenger hunts normally).

4. It kind of seems weird to me to make the girl "work" for the ring. I would want it to be a gift presented to me not something I had to solve puzzles for.

That being said, I''ve heard plenty of stories of happy scavenger hunt proposals. It''s just not my thing....
I''m sure you know your future fiancee better than anyone so just do what feels right to you!

Oh, and then post pictures of the ring and tell us how it went!
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