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rosetta- I owe you a big THANK YOU!


May 20, 2015
Thought this might deserve its own thread.....

I am hoping "rosetta" sees this reply to a post he or she wrote in 2011...long story short, I upgraded the setting on my 1.5ct princess cut stone for our 15 year anniversary. It now has a custom deco style halo around it in an octagonal shape with step cut stones in the halo and step cut traps on either side. The whole ring is bezel set. (Id post pictures but it is currently at the jeweler having sizing beads installed....) Anyway, I had been struggling with the size of it, as it is a much larger "look" than I am used to and while the ring is incredibly beautiful, its just so "big" to me. (Yes, I realize this sounds crazy to most of the PS community...LOL!) I have only had it for a few months and while I am slowly getting more used to it, Ill admit I am still a little self-conscious about wearing it.

And then I found this quote from rosetta in a thread about wrinkly hands of all places: " I get great pleasure looking at the huge and beautiful rocks on the hands of our more mature PS members. Those are the ones that have great significance and represent a life lived and relationships nurtured over decades. An achievement."

You just gave me a whole new perspective on my ring, and I cannot thank you enough! Instead of feeling "people are going to judge me negatively based on this ring" (SO dumb, I know....) I will remember your words and wear my ring with honor and pride. This was just the push I needed, so thank you again!!
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