risingsun! you were so right on!!! i don''t want to loose him...

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Nov 21, 2006

you are completely right rising sun....that ''s so crazy that you were telling me that....things were really rough for the past week and last night we decided to go on a break.....he''s not over what happened. i feel so stupid.

he said ever since i told him that he just can''t stop thinking about it... and is letting it get in the way of how he feels about me. he said he is not happy with how things are running in his life, he''s not happy with the kind of boyfriend he is being, that i deserve better and he needs some time to figure it out....we cried for hours.

both of us are terrified of divorce and have sub-conciously been sabotoging the relationship.... he said he needs to "know what it feels like to loose me"....

we aren''t broken up...just taking a''s actually hard to explain to everyone else....i feel so stupid...

i really feel in my heart that we are supposed to be together....maybe i was rushing it after all that happened. i need to give him his time.....

we really do have a good relationship. we are just both getting used to the idea that relationships aren''t perfect...we are both perfectionists and very stubborn and it''s been hard getting over our stubborness at times....but we have..

i don''t even know what to say...

i don''t want to loose him.........................................


Dec 19, 2006
I think it's better that these feelings come out now. It will give you both some time to assess your feelings and make a sound choice for the future. Going further along with the relationship, without resolution, would not be in your best interests. I know I'm sounding a bit clinical here, but I am a therapist
I hope that the two of you are able to heal and move on. Please take all the time you [both] need.

Best regards,
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