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Review of my experience Aspen Diamond. Everyone should know


May 18, 2015
Hi everyone me and my fiancée wanted to share our story with everyone about Aspen Diamond in Montreal.

I met Sev from Aspen diamond after I was engaged. We had purchased my wedding band from him and right away we noticed the excellence in service that Aspen Diamond provides. Not only was he very approachable and professional, he actually genuinely cares about you. My wedding band was flawless and I was really happy with it.

My regret: I only had wished I met Sev before I got engaged as I could have saved the bad experience that me and my fiancée went through for her engagement ring. Sev ended up fixing even this for us.

I got her an engagement ring from a good brand name jeweler. I went all out and got platinum as it does not require plating as compared with white gold. We were happy. Unfortunately it was too big. We sent it in and after it came back the ring was really destroyed it was bent and non-circular and the shank was horribly thin. We were really upset about that so the jeweler had told us that they will remake the ring with the same mold. As we trusted this jeweler we did just that and before giving back the ring for remaking we asked a second time if it would be identical and were reassured not to worry nothing at all changed in their procedures and it would be identical. When we received the ring it looked nothing like the first one. My fiancée and I were really upset. After showing this to the manager he agreed that the ring was a compete miss and remade us another ring that looked a little closer to the original he also recommended we do a matching wedding band and he will hold it for us for when the time was right we could pick it up. At this point my fiancée's ring was more at the store than at her finger. As we we're getting impatient we decided to just keep this ring and recognize that the original ring was long gone. We kept the ring for a few months and I noticed my fiancée didn't like it. She was being a great girl and supportive and I did not want me to feel bad. I on the other hand knew that she was feeling this as it was obvious.

When we just got engaged I use to find her just starring at her ring in awe. Like a little kid! It use to make me laugh. One time I was reversing my car in a tight area and asked her to guide me. It's a usual thing we do as parking downtown is sometimes difficult. As I'm backing up my car towards a wall I'm waiting for her to tell me to stop and I hear nothing from her... you all know what happened next.. No I didn't smash the wall! I stop and I look over at my fiancée and all she was doing was staring at her ring. It was really funny and we had a great laugh. I use to tease her with that but really that's the best feeling any guy can have especially after spending so much money on something so small. It makes it all worth it.

After about another month we had noticed the engagement ring start turning yellow at the solder joint from the head and shank. I think I at this point had lost it. As time progressed the other side started doing it too. At this point I contacted the jeweler and they advised me that their practice was to use platinum solder on platinum rings and that there must have been a mistake. Ridiculous. We got issued an acceptance for a refund and immediately ran to Sev.

After telling Sev the story he said he would be more than willing to take care of us. At this point I was really scared because I felt that if a jeweler remade a ring twice and they couldn't remake their own model of ring that they made hundreds of. How can anyone else do it?

I gave Sev an extensive list of points to cover to make my ring. From not using white gold solder to making this part a certain measurement and this section larger. Showing him pictures of my initial ring, how I wanted the engraving. Poor guy I don't understand how he was so patient with us. If I was in his shoes I would have said to go somewhere else! We were that bad. Paranoid, scared, worried you name it. It was absolutely ridiculous but if you were in our shoes I think you would be the same.

When I went to see the ring I was astonished. It was perfect. I was really hoping that my fiancée would like it too. When she came to pick it up I was literally nervous I couldn't tell if she liked it because she was in front of Sev or if she truly liked it. When we left Sev's office and on our way home, she was just staring at it and she was actually happy. I mean I was staring at it too. What a great job I couldn't believe it! I haven't seen my fiancée this happy about her ring for about a year now. We even sent Sev an invitation to our wedding!

We appreciate the respect, professionalism, and honesty that Sev at Aspen Diamond has. Absolutely rare to meet people like this. He is someone that you can trust and especially in the jewelry industry that is important. For those of you who are looking for a jeweler look no further. Sev at Aspen diamond gave superior quality and service and price than anywhere else. You won't be disappointed!!!

Thank you Aspen Diamond!
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