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Quotes from wedding venues

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Diamond Confused

Jan 14, 2008
i want to get quotes from a few places before I meet with the coordinators. I want to know how much a place is before I take the time to look at it. If it''s out of my prace range why bother.

Anyway, do any of you have advice on getting quotes from the different venues?


Aug 6, 2008
Hi DC!!!

Not sure if your asking where to get quotes or what to ask when getting quotes...So I'll try my best with both

Most places have a rough cost estimate on their websites...I would go there first.
If they don't have it on the actual website, they most likey will have a contact email address...I would email them.

I would ask them what the price includes...(tables, linens, flatware, china, amount of time allotted). Also if there is an extra amount for any guest after x amount...(example: $1000 for 100 guests...$10 extra for every guest over 100). Who does the set up and take that included? Think hidden costs...What do you think you'll need from a venue that should or should not be included in their base price

Hope that helps


Mar 13, 2008

The best thing to do is just call/email the venues and ask them for your packages. You can either be direct and say you're planning a wedding, or you can be more ambiguous and say you're planning an event. Either way they should have packages for both.

My script was as follows:

"Hello, my name is Diamond. I'm planning an event in for, about, X people. Is your space large enough to accommodate us? Can you send me your package information?"

Also here's a list of the general questions I asked once I ruled out the insanely expensive places:

Will I be able to rent your venue exclusively?
How many hours can we reserve the space for?
Are there any overtime charges?
Do you have any limitations on decorations?
Any noise level limitations?
What other costs are there? I.e. parking fees, site fees, waitstaff, bartender, security, cake cutting, corkage, valet parking, coat check
Can we bring in our own alcohol?
Do you have any requirements for vendors to use/ preferred vendors?
Is there a choice of linens/tables/chairs, or do you only have 1 option?
Who's responsible for set up/clean up?


Feb 11, 2008
Just ask for it. I called a bunch of venues, they ask for your email address, then send you all the cost in detail with fine prints too. Then you can have a rough idea of how much it will cost.
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