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question about simulant company??

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Jun 20, 2003
Has anyone ever ordered from Ziamond ( I can''t afford a real diamond and really like some of their Asscher rings. I would just like an opinion of what anybody thinks of their stones and settings.


Nov 20, 2002
Well, the website is typical simulant company nonsense (for example, telling diamond and CZ apart is simple for any competent gemologist, and despite what they desperately want you to believe, all CZ is indeed the same).

On the other hand, they're not as overpriced as some I've seen. The settings look nice enough.


Aug 25, 2000
Do some looking on what even the finest CZ cost , to me CZ are CZ's
They are Cheap . They get a little dirt on them and
they look like you been doing a little home shopping on QVC

About the web site , one word "Retail"

Look around don't get caught in the web is the bottom dollar and best product.

Also, if you cant afford it, there is no shame in that. I have people that have been married 30 years and have a big house, car,
boat and are very well off. I look at her hand and her diamond is a small as a pin head. She said that's what we started with
and smiled

You think your under pressure, what about me !

Do you know what my wife wears?

1.28 carat ~ Im in the business of diamonds, I have bigger ones in inventory, the parties I go to with the manufactures wife's
have 3 to 5 carat diamonds on their hands.

My wife said before I was in this business, we struggled to purchase her diamond and its fine
She could have anything she
wants. I guess that's the nice part about getting old , you really don't care what people think

Ive only seen people go broke trying to keep up with the jones'

What ever you decided will be the right choice for what ever the right reason you have. I thought I would just share a little of
my experience with the same problem
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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