Proposing Friday

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Jul 29, 2002
Here is how it is going to go down.

I convinced my girlfriend of 4 years to "play hookey" from work with me this Friday. She will be taking a half day, myself a full day off.

I got they key to her house where i am having 100 roses deliverd to her.

I will go to the house when she leaves for work and set them up in vases in her bedroom with a single rose on the dinning room table.

Then i will pick her up around 1:00pm and i will tell her i am hungry so lets go grab a bite to eat.

I will take her to a great reasturant in the hotel/historic building we will have our reception in. After lunch i will say, hey i want to stop by this Spa/Hair Salon and make and hair cut appointment. This Spa/Salon is also in the Hotel/Historic Building. I have arranged for a half spa day for the both of us here. I will be stopping by here before i pick her up to drop off a few things...

Halfway into our massages i will have the masseuse delivery a box to my girlfriend. Inside this box is a scapbook detailing the last 4 years we have spend together, over 140 pictures and other memories. Every vacation we went on, every thing we did togheter in college, etc... In the back will be something we have not done yet.

It is a dream weekend i have arranged in Niagara-on-the-Lake just over the US boarder in Canada.

It is a great little town for food, wine, theatre, and luxury hotels. I have it all set up. And the scrapbook will detail it all.

Then hopefully she will coming into the room i am in. If she doesn't i will get the masseuse to tell her to go in my massage room.

There i will be waiting on one knee to pop the question.

After the spa day we will drive home and the roses will be waiting for here.

She will think that she is getting just one until she walks into her bedroom.

Then i will tell her... get ready! we have 8:00 dinner reservations.

I made reservations a great new resturant in town, and the rest will be history.

I will have left a change of cloth to get into for dinner at her house.

I put a lot of work into this one day... why? It only happens once in MY lifetime.


Jul 22, 2002
Ahh, What a special day...make sure someone gets a pic of all of it to put in the scrapbook!
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