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Proposal Idea - Please give feedback/suggestions!!

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Dec 4, 2006
Hi all,
After reading several excellent ideas and even better feedback here, I have decided to put my idea on here to try and get some outside opinions. My idea is something like this: (I hope she does not read these forums!!)
On Christmas Day, after we get back to my home after a day of traveling and spending time with each of our families, we get ready to relax and maybe watch a Christmas movie and play with our new toys. She will notice a mysterious present under the tree that is still wrapped and to my "embarrasment", I had forgotten to give it to her earlier in the day to open. She opens it to find a big photo album highlighting our years together (3), the first picture being individual baby pictures of us and then pictures of us from early in our relationship all the way through the present. The last page of pictures will not actually be the end of the photo album, more like the middle, because that is the kicker: at the end of the photo album I will cut out a square out of each page for about 2 inches worth of pages so that a ring box fits nicely at the end of the album. When she reaches the last page of photos she will not think the album is done (because there are so many pages left) but will turn the page to a heading with something like "The Future" with the ring box which she can then open, upon which I get on one knee. Each page of pictures will be scrapbooked nicely with comments and memories of our times together.
Anyway that is what I have come up with, I love a little surprise in our relationship, thus doing it after the Christmas festivities are seemingly over, and we both agreed a private proposal suits us better. Please give me your feedback and/or suggestions; they are VERY much appreciated!!


Oct 29, 2006
I think thats a wonderful idea! Very sweet indeed, and the scrap book is a great keepsake, something extra she can brag about to friends :), especially if it''s one of those add the pages as you go type of book...make sure you have a camera on hand too to take pictures of you and your new fiance to add to your book!

Congratulations on your upcoming engagement! I think she''ll love it, I know I would!!


Sep 30, 2006
I loooooooove this idea! It's so romantic *yet* very original. She will love to open that scrapbook in 10, 20, 30 years and look through it just the same way she did on the night you proposed.

Congratulations, and good luck with the proposal!


Jul 20, 2006
I love the idea.

This is how I proposed...with the photo album and the ring in the I might be a bit biased
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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