price range for bouquets and church flowers

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Sep 21, 2006
can someone let me know an estimate for flowers if it''s just for church (2 displays) and bouquets, corsages? we put a deposit on the florist and may need to back out on the flowers for the reception hall, but wondering if the deposit can be rationalized to cover limited flowers rather than original request.

for kinds of flowers, talking roses, maybe some calla lilies, but mostly basic not too exotic.

thx gals.


Oct 22, 2005
This may or may not help you, but this is what I got for church flowers and bouquets (our centerpieces are included by our venue). I may cut out the alter pieces and pew bows though, they're really not necessary, but that's up to my mom.

Bride’s Bouquet: Hand-Tied bouquet of ivory roses, light blue hydrangea, and stephanotis with rhinestone centers. Stems wrapped with ivory satin ribbon.


Maid of Honor: Hand-Tied bouquet of all ivory roses with iridescent sparkles. Stems wrapped with light blue sheer ribbon.


5 Bridesmaids: Same a Maid of Honor.


Mother of Bride: Small Hand-Tied bouquet of ivory roses and light blue hydrangea. Stems wrapped with sheer iridescent ribbon.


Mother of the Groom: Same as Mother of the Bride.


Grandmother: To be decided.


Groom: Ivory rose with light blue hydrangea


Best Man: Ivory rose with seeded eucalyptus.


5 Ushers: Same as Best Man.


Ring Bearer: Ivory rose.


2 Fathers: Ivory roses.


3 Other Boutonnieres: Ivory roses.



2 Altar arrangements in urns including ivory and blue flowers to coordinate with wedding party.

$150.00 each


50 Ft. aisle runner


6 Pew bows consisting of ivory satin and organza ribbon.

$15.00 each


Total including tax and delivery:


-$100.00 deposit

New Total: $1,316.70



Sep 21, 2006
thanks sweetpea...alot higher than i expected! you''re lucky your venue includes centerpieces...


Jan 21, 2006
I personally don''t think you need to do that much decorating at the ceremony site. I would put the flowers into the boquets and the centerpieces at the reception. Our ceremony site has beautiful stained glass windows and we are on a budget, so we''re not putting *any* flowers in there except the boquets and the corsages for the groomsmen.


Jun 28, 2006
first of all, your deposit should be able to be put towards whatever you decide versus the original estimate.
each florist i spoke with said i wasn''t locked in to decisions until at least 2 weeks prior, at our "final" meeting, after which they would have to order the flowers I chose,etc.

for the church, i agree with the prior post- depending on your venue you may not even need them.

all we are doing in the chapel are 12 pew bows with ivy and flowers for $5 each

outside of the church we''re doing potted mums with organza bows that we will purchase beforehand at a flower market, and use them for photo ops afterwards and utilize them throughout the reception site as well.

and on a table next to the altar are having the florist provide a large vase with some greens, and then each family member (other than my 3 sisters who are bms) will walk up and place a flower in the vase. this will involve all of our bro in laws, nieces/nephews, etc. at an average price per flower of $3 each (doing a mix of gerberas, spray roses and sunflowers)

we''ll then move that vase to the reception site for the cake table or guestbook table.

another idea i''ve seen is to purchase ferns or other large plants that at least can be used afterwards.

hth, we went a bit overboard on the photog $ so had to find a way to cut, and flowers was the spot.


Nov 14, 2004
Your deposit should go toward your order regardless of what you end up getting.

When I used to work at a flower shop, these are roughly the prices we charged:
Bridal bouquet - $150+
MOH and BM bouquet - $65+
boutonniere - $10+
corsage - $20+
altar arrangement - $100+

Also the florist should be willing to work with you for your budget.

Pandora II

Aug 3, 2006
I''m going to need a huge amount for my venue however I don''t have $$$$ to spend so:

- I''ve asked the woman who does the flowers in our local church (and who is practically my 3rd grandmother) to do my flowers, I will help as will 3 friends of my mothers. We can buy the flowers from the wholesaler and we will go to the woods and raid all our gardens for extra. My venue doesn''t allow hire the day before an event so I have the Friday to set up for Saturday.

- I have found really good fake ivy, hops and vines on e-bay for about £3.99 for 2 metres each. I''m going to buy about £100 worth and weave real flowers and extra greenery in.

- I''m planning on doing overflowing bowls of fruit on the table rather than flowers, but with trailing vines, ivy etc. This can look amazing - I have used it quite often in London when I have really ornate venues that flowers would be wrong with.

Not sure if any of these ideas help, but sometimes it an really make a difference to think of cheap ways of making things look like you have more - a Ball I did in November I mixed ornamental cabbages in with pink roses and pink and green parrot tulips. It was really pretty and a lot of wow for not much $$. If you are allowed to add to the professionals flowers or bring in extra yourself you can easily cut costs. The only thing I would always have them do is the bouquet.
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