Pretty awkward question only you ladiescan help me with

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May 14, 2006
Date: 4/6/2007 9:37:48 PM
Author: jazmine
Just wanted to add that this is the site that I would want something from. Their things are soo sexy
I second this-Ive bought so much items from this store. They are expensive but so beautiful


Mar 18, 2007
Ok, I'm coming out of lurkdom for this one, haha.

I'm imagining your wife-to-be is going to be self concious, excited, nervous, and a million other things. The most important thing is that she knows you think she is sexy. Nerves are going to completely override excitement over her pretty new lingerie when she first lets you see her in it, and you know she'll take your breath away...just make sure you say that!

That said, think about what you think is sexy without being too incredibly revealing. Sure, she'll be your wife, but she'll be going against 7 years of not showing you that much of her body...she may still want a little coverage to feel safe. So something like this (and yes, I'm in love with babydolls, too) could work really well:


paired with this:

Brazillian Panties

She can feel pretty and sexy without feeling like she's super you get a little more anticipation!

And when in doubt picking out stuff, I follow my BF's rule: black=super sexy, red=vixen, pink=sweet, sexy, innocent, white=innocent, pretty, pure.


Jul 6, 2005
hello! congratulations on your upcoming wedding. you must be so excited...for so many reasons

I echo what all the other gals have said about you knowing her style and about deco''s suggestion of lovely over shocking.

i don''t know what your budget it, but this is one of my most favorite - dessous NYC - but a serious splurge

then, i just got back from a brief, but amazing trip to paris with my husband. it was something of a second honeymoon. i had decided before we left, that i''d pick up a little something, something in paris. we went to a couple of stores, including some famous department stores with no luck. nothing seemed uniquely parisian or affordable. then we stumbled upon a store called princesse tam-tam. odd name, i know. but, they have the most beautiful, sweet, sexy, perfect under pinnings.

here''s their website princesse tam-tam

and fortunately, because we don''t live in france (sigh), you can buy many of the pieces here fig leaves UK - they ship to the US

I love the paulette, ombrelle and jalousie (okay, i love them all)

I''m sure you''ll get something perfect!
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