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Plus Size Bridesmaids?

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Nov 9, 2006
Anybody have any suggestions on designers / where to look?

I have a bridesmaid with a 52 or 54 inch bust (shes not sure which!) and then one as small as a size 2!! I really *wanted* them all to be in the same dress, but i might be willing to bend on that i guess.
Anyway, i''ve looked at Alfred Angelo dresses and David''s Bridal (I dont see a size chart for that one though). Really, i think i need something that goes toa size 30 b/c 28 seems to be like 1 inch past 54 for the most part. Hmmm.

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May 10, 2006

I too had a bridesmaid with a very large bust. My SIL had just had a baby and was a 40H. When we went dress shopping, all the lady at Davids could say was "Are you serious????" when I asked if they had anything that would fit her.

I ended up having the dresses made by a seamstress for about $125 including the cost of fabric. I loved going this route b/c I was able to purchase very fine silk fabric and not have the dresses costing $200-300.

I would also reccommend that you seriously consider letting them wear different styles. If you have to have them all in the same dress, make sure that the dress appropriate, supportive, and attractive on your largest bridesmaid and the smaller girls should be fine. I have seen too many plus size bridesmaids get shafted into ill fitting, unflattering dresses for the sake of having them all in the same dress.

My BM''s all wore different dresses b/c no two were anywhere alike in body shape. MH was 6 ft and built like a linebacker, BM 1 was 4'' 10'''' and 90lbs, BM 2 had the 40H bust, and BM 3 was average height and weight but had just got some mammoth breast implants. They were very greatful for their individual dresses.


May 9, 2006
I find that in photos, all I notice is whether the dress are a) all the same colour, and b) the same length.

If you stick with those two, you should be fine in terms of the differences.

I sympathize... my bridesmaids will be tall, big-boned, curvy, and Italian, and short, delicate, boyish, and Asian. Talk about extremes!
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