Paris in January


Jul 24, 2011
I am planning on taking my girl to the Maldives in January after being apart for a few months. Since we are flying from the US, I figured it would be a good idea to break up the flight (and justify the exorbitant cost) by stopping for a few nights in Europe during our "layover." I'm planning on 2-3 nights in the London area, and then taking the train for 2-3 nights in Paris.

Originally, I had a plan for proposing on a sunset cruise in the Maldives on a private boat. I'm thinking now though that I don't particularly want to spend a week in Europe with a ring burning a hole in my pocket.

I've read that Paris in January isn't close to what it can be during the other months of the year. But, since this is the only time I can go, it is going to have to work.

My plan is pretty sparse right now as I have no idea where anything is or what to do in just 3 days, but I am thinking of proposing in Place du Tertre. My girlfriend will without question want to get our portrait drawn and I guarantee will bring it up on her own. I know enough french to be conversational and she knows none. Basically, I'm going to ask the artist, in French, to draw me on one knee proposing with something like Je t'aime written on it. When he shows us the finished portrait, it should throw her off enough to give me the time to get down on one knee and do the real proposal.

Any thoughts or comments on the plan?
Are the artists still out in the dreary cold of January?
Can I go to Sacre Coeur first and get the portrait done right after sunset?
Our flights land in London, should I immediately take the train to Paris and stay there the first 3 nights and then go back to London the next 3 for our flights from London to the Maldives?

Good thing I have a lot of time left to think about this.


Jun 6, 2011
38 sweet! Has she been to either London or Paris before? If not, it may be neat to stay in London for a day-ish, do a little sightseeing, and then head down to Paris. I was there in February and it was REALLY cold, but it was beautiful. I don't think Paris can be un-romantic. And I think I do remember seeing street artists around.
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