No DJ - How do we MC for our wedding?

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Feb 1, 2007
We are doing our own music at our wedding reception, and have the Best Man''s brother lined up to man the computer/iPod controls when necessary (i.e. first dance, dinner music, dancing music). Given that we won''t have a DJ or a bandleader, we probably won''t have an MC for the reception. Is this really necessary? Do you think our catering manager/coordinator at the site would serve that function, such as announcing our arrival as Mr. and Mrs., or would we have to find someone to do it? It it essential to have that? I guess what I''m asking is if we''re screwing our party by doing the music ourselves. Ugh! Help!

FYI, the cocktail hour room just has a little stereo that sits on a table, and I''m sure we could make our own mix for that. I''m more concerned about the reception logistics and how the event will flow without announcements.


Jun 17, 2005
krockie, we did the reception music ourselves with a computer and it worked wonderfully.

We were going to ask one of our closest friends to act as MC but ultimately decided against it because we didn''t want to put pressure on any of our guests. We asked the catering person at the hotel if she would do that and she said no. So we hired a day-of coordinator who monitored everything on the day of the wedding and also acted as MC. Our wedding was small (24 guests) and in a small ballroom, but having someone to announce our entrance, first dance, toast, cake cutting and the games we played (German custom) made it flow well and make sure that no one missed anything. The coordinator also helped us figure out a timeline in advance, so that we didn''t have to worry about when things should be happening, they just did as he announced them according to our timeline. It was money well spent!


Feb 10, 2006
Krockie, I have the same issue as you. We''re using an ipod for the reception music. I think I will just ask someone to do the announcements. I think my brother will do the music so I may ask his FI to announce. She''s very outgoing and I don''t think she''ll mind.
I''m hoping this works out ok but haven''t worked through the details yet.


May 16, 2006
I think if you have someone who doesn''t mind public speaking you can ask him/her to do it--just sit down with them before hand and go over the time-line, what you need announced etc. I think it would work out just fine

I am having a band and then doing my own ipod music selection--i have asked a friend to MC b/c I don''t think the band will want to do it so i am kinda in the same position as you ;-)
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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