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Nigerian Scam letters

Discussion in 'Hangout' started by rodentman, Apr 26, 2003.

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  1. rodentman

    Aug 5, 2001
    by rodentman » Apr 26, 2003

    ATTN: President/CEO

    I am the widow of the late President George W. Bush of the United States of
    America. I am writing you this letter in confidence regarding my current

    I escaped the United States ahead of death squads with my husband and two
    children Jenna and Frank, moving first to England and then, when my husband''s
    political enemies took power there, to Austria. All of our wealth, obtained
    legitimately through baseball, oil drilling and insider trading, was seized by
    the new government of the USA under the despotic regime of (Dr.) Noam Chomsky, except for the contents of a few Swiss bank accounts. These bank accounts, which contain social security lock-box funds and the bulk of the 2001 budget surplus, could not be accessed by me or my children, due to agreements made between the socialist government of the USA and Swiss bank regulators. They seized our ranch in Crawford, Texas and now use it to teach homosexualist propaganda to schoolchildren.

    When my husband died during a visit to the Mr. Salty factory here in Vienna, I decided to lay low, changing my identity and communicating only through Mrs.
    Peggy Noonan. However, now that Chomsky is dead of apoplexy, my advisors suggest that the time is right for me to transfer some of these funds. I will wish to deposit $1,250,000,000 in a bank account for certain purchases, investments and other safe and reliable business opportunities. Please respond to this letter and indicate your interest in receiving the money for us. I will stress again how important confidentiality is; my husband''s political enemies would like nothing better than to see me made penniless and our hard-earned retirement funds turned over to Tom Daschle.

    Please respond with your contact information, including fax and telephone
    numbers, to signal interest in this mutually beneficial transaction. I will
    provide an introduction to my son (Frank), who will work with you in determining the logistics of the transfer and the method and amount of your remuneration. I would contact you via phone directly, but a spot of trouble in my youth has made me doubt myself around heavy machinery.
    In sincere anticipation of a productive relationship,

    Mrs. George W. Bush
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