Newlyweds- Any Holiday traditions you plan to start?

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Aug 17, 2005
I've always LOVED the Holidays!

My parents are on the older side (dad is 89, mom is 76), and have lost of lot of their energy in the last couple of years. Slowly but surely, my childhood traditions have gone away... They haven't put a tree up in years, and our Holiday menus/food isn't as robust as it used to be.

So, I plan to "renew" favorite old traditions and create new ones. Like...

NEW- DH are hosting a Holiday Wine & Cheese Party. We're asking guests to bring both a bottle to share, and an ornament for an exchange. We're also having my immedidate family over for Christmas Day dinner.

OLD- Going to Midnight Mass (i'm a bit nervous about this as I'm a "recovering Catholic") and learning how to make tamales and other Holiday treats.

Any new/old Holiday traditions you plan to implement for your first Christmas together?


Apr 14, 2006
I absolutely adore the holidays, too! I like to celebrate, and thankfully, my ALMOST husband does, too!

In my family, we had Christmas Eve Christmas amongst the immediate family. We openned our gifts to one another, round robin, each taking a turn. We went youngest to oldest, and I just loved the excitement of watching family members open what I got them. Christmas day was Santa presents, and we just TORE into those! Fun, fun!

My Paul''s family does Christmas day only. Kinda made me sad to begin with, but we have since come up with our own *new* tradition. We do the 12 days of Christmas and each of those 12 days prior to Christmas, we get to open a stocking gift from one another. When we have children, they will get to do this, too. We plan on incorporating into it the great expectation of the birth of Christ, as well. We''ll see how well that works with little children!

Another cute thing that I just loved was that my fiance got me a Christmas platter for my birthday. At first, I was surprised and didn''t know what to make of the gift, but when he said it was for all the Christmases we have to come, and that every year it''ll be there to call in the joy of our family celebrating our Jesus, I just LOVED it.

I love traditions! New and old!!


Jun 15, 2006
We''re doing it right now. We were engaged a year ago yesterday in Chicago and came back to celebrate the anniversary. We saw a Christmas Carol last night at The Goodman and this will be our new family tradition. Christmas shopping and A Christmas Carol in Chicago...lots of C''s! What fun.
Not open for further replies. Please create a new topic or request for this thread to be opened.
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