For Sale Neon Pink Mahenge Spinel Platinum Ring


Nov 25, 2021
I had been debating back and forth whether to keep this or not, but I have a potential big project coming up and made up my mind this time to let it go.

This ring was bespoke made by Enhoerning Jewelry, a very high end concierge jeweler in NYC that specializes in colored gemstones. Inken from EJ sourced the spinel as well. The neon pink spinel is old stock, loupe clean, vividly saturated, no windowing and exceptionally well cut. A very sparkly gem with crazy fluorescence. The size of the spinel is 0.99 ct around 5.7mm, and comes with GIA origin report. No heat or treatments. The Mahenge Tanzanian mines aren't producing anymore, so these are exceptionally rare. This particular gem is heirloom quality and almost irreplaceable.

The ring is custom made for this stone in platinum 950 with 44 melee diamonds F-G+/VS quality. Ring weighs 6.52g. Size 4.25 but can be resized. I've had it for less than a year and barely worn, it's in pristine condition.

It is a dainty piece but of the highest quality from the spinel to Enhoerning's craftsmanship. I have plenty more photos, and copy of GIA report, just send me a private message.

LT link:

0E2A7629 small.JPG 0E2A7649 small.JPG 20221018_154423.jpg 20230204_110920.jpg 20221114_163607.jpg
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