Neither primary frontrunner is strong.


Aug 8, 2005
I'm not surprised.

Clinton has been known to be the 2016 democratic candidate for 8 years. That's 8 years the opposition have been mounting a defense against her. And while, truly, they have not found anything concrete on her, but all the rumors and innuendo have really hurt her and many moderates feel that she isn't 'credible'. And there's also the fact that Bernie has really brought out the more 'radical left' to the polls and Hillary is a moderate who has stronger ties to the current economic status quo than the far left feels comfortable with. So her support is being eroded from the left and the right.

And Trump. Well, the fact that he has as much support that he does has taken most of the country by surprise. At first, I think people just thought his popularity was a fluke supported by the fringe nut jobs that reside in 'red collar' (as I call them) areas. But as his base has grown the left and the moderates have started to wake up the reality that if they do not mobilize against him he WILL become President Trump. So FINALLY, they are fighting back. Additionally the Republican party itself is mobilizing itself against him because he are horrified of what he represents to them (loss of power). So he too is being attacked by both fronts.

I will vote for Hillary over ANY republican. But I can't deny I would strongly prefer Bernie and will vote for him in the CA primaries on June 7th.

As for why I prefer Bernie. Count me in on those that do not like Hillary's ties to big money.

The candidate I would actually WANT in running is Elizabeth Warren. I do not want her as a VP though. It would cripple her. I want her as president or where she is now, or BETTER YET, on the Supreme Court. But not as a VP.


Feb 12, 2013
Gypsy, I think Warren missed a good chance to be the first female president. In many ways Warren would have been the better candidate. She seems to have a clean background, as far as I know about her, which isn't much. There was that business about her saying she was Native American. But I can give her a pass on that as she may have thought it was true. Most families pass down a myth or two. I can certainly see her attraction to those voters who are farther left.
I'm not so sure that Clinton is moderate. She hoped to run a more moderate candidacy even during the primary, but Sanders ruined that for her. She had to move left, and then will go toward the middle during the general. That's what most do, of course, not just Clinton.
This is certainly an interesting political season. Keeps me on the edge of my seat.
Neither of us gets our first choice. Too bad.
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