Need advice buying an a loose stone for an engagement ring

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Jul 8, 2003
Ok, I must admit I knew nothing about diamonds until a few days ago, but now have become familiar with the various gradings and the 4c''s etc. However, I have done all my research on the internet thus far and don''t really how the naked eye views these differences.

Anyway, I have a nice ring but need a diamond for the center. I am most likely after a round cut. I have a budget starting somewhere around 5000 but I can push it up a bit depending on what''s available. Now, I''m looking for something larger than a carat maybe up to 1.5 and I need some advice on how to decide where I can go with clarity, cut, and color and still have an extremely asethically pleasing diamond. I''m not buying for investment, I''m buying for wearing enjoyment. I feel that since I won''t be looking at through a magnifying glass, I want it to look clear, white, and brilliant to the naked eye.

Any advice on the subject would be much appreciated, and I plan on getting to a jewlery store very soon to get a personal view of what''s out there.

Thanks, Andrew


Jul 10, 2003
With what you are describing, I would say (I've been shopping the last few weeks myself and have gotten a huge education) you probably want to stay in gem color, which is D,E,F color. For a diamond the size you mention, F is probably fine as most will agree the naked eye cannot notice the difference between those 3 color grades. For clarity, SI1 in my humble opinion for that color is probably the lowest you would want to look at, maybe an SI2 if the imperfections are in desirable, less noticeable areas of the stone. Anything above VS2 again, you probably won't notice a difference with the naked eye. Finally, I am also learning a lot about certifications and GIA, AGS and HRD are the most reputable. I have a posting on here about an EGL certified diamond simply to confirm all my other research, which is essentially, that they typically are not as accurate or strict with their gradings. Hope my comments are useful. Good luck.


Jan 10, 2003
In my OPINION, D,E, & F colored stones are not necessary---my H faces up WHITE in PLATINUM.....A well cut H will look BETTER than a poor cut E.....and you will save a LOT by going G-H in color.....JUST MY OPINION...........find a well cut stone FIRST and then worry about color and clarity next. VS2 & SI1 are a great deal considering, like you said, you're not going to enjoy the diamond through a magnifying glass! I am on the side of the fence that says WHY PAY FOR PERFECT when near-perfect looks the same out in the real world.


Nov 25, 2002

Based on what you've said you want...."I want it to look clear, white, and brilliant to the naked eye"....I'd suggest the following.

CUT should be your top is the single most important factor affecting a diamond's performance. Excellently cut diamonds DAZZLE the beholder.

With respect to the rest of the Cs:

Diamonds in the G/H range face up ICY white, especially in exceptionally cut diamonds, and offer a better value for the money than D,E,F stones. Many recent posters here have purchased I diamonds that were well-cut and faced up white. You'll pay a premium for D/E/F stones for a difference that most cannot see with the naked eye when the diamond is viewed on a stand-alone basis, or when compared to "maul" diamonds.

SI-1 will do just fine as long as you make sure it's indeed eye-clean. Several people recommend staying at VS2 if you are buying sight unseen, and if that makes you comfortable, then great. However, if you deal with some of the reputable vendors here (GOG, Whiteflash, NiceIce), they will give you the straight scoop on their SI-1 stones, and as long as it's eye-clean, you can get more bang for the buck with an SI-1 stone.

Given the above parameters (G/H/I stone, VS2 or eyeclean SI-1), you should be able to find a beautiful diamond in your size and price range desires.

Good luck!
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