My Story - Buying and Engagement

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Oct 28, 2002

In September, I started the process of shopping for a diamond. At that time, I knew only two things about what I wanted; it had to be round and it had to be approximately 1 carat. With my requirements in hand I headed off to the local mall and started making the rounds with the usual suspects in the jewelery industry. The same thing happened at each jeweler. I was showed the "normal" round diamonds very briefly. Then it happened; "If you really want a diamond that sparkles and will show your girlfriend how much she means, you should take a look at our special collection. These are the creme of the crop." At first I was astounded by the price and immediately wanted to barter. To my amazement, one sales associate said that diamonds NEVER go on sale. However, she could make a call to the district manager who might knock a few dollars off. But if the call is made, the price would only be good for that moment. I would have to buy right then. THAT WAS IT. We had a little skirmish and I left; never to return. NOTE: Not one big name mall jeweler offered to educate me on the 4C's.

I thought that there had to be a better way to do this. I had bought my new car on the internet and saved a bundle, maybe you could do the same thing with diamonds. I did a web search and was astounded to find so many hits. Eventually, I found and started reading threads to educate myself. It was eye opening. The amount of information and knowledge that is on this site is amazing.

Using, I found the sites of a some reputable dealers. One dealer in particular went out of his way to educate me and really put me at ease with making this type of purchase over the internet; Jonathan at Good Old Gold. He answered every question and not once tried to push me into making a decision. In addition, the website is very, very informative. They include pictures of each diamond including the magnified views of each inclusion.

I chose a beautiful 1.02 ct, G color, VS1 clarity, unbranded H&A.

Upon choosing the "perfect" diamond, I had it shipped to RockDoc in Boca Raton for an independent appraisal. His service was fantastic. RockDoc is very pro-consumer. He took the time to explain to me about my diamond and send detailed pictures as the appraisal was in progress. He is extremely honest about stones and is NOT afraid to tell it like it is. Once everything checked out, I authorized the diamond for payment.

At this point, I needed a setting and I needed it fast. I was planning to propose over Christmas and had not even considered that it usually taked a few weeks to get a particular setting in. This is where Lesley and Denise at stepped in. The were able to get me a Vatche Royal Crown Gold setting in three days. I had tried five other dealers and all said that mid-January at best. had it in RockDoc's hand in three days!!! I was unbelievable happy.

RockDoc set the stone and shipped it via FedEx Express to a FedEx holding facility. This ensured that I could be the only person that could sign for it. I got the package and rushed home. I opened the the box and after cursing my way through the packaging, finally laid my eyes upon my "perfect" stone. I was amazed. I had never seen an H&A diamond in person and could not belive the color and sparkle. It completely blew away anything I had ever seen at the mall. I picture of it is attached.

One thing to note, in my statements above I have written "perfect" stone a couple of times. My all means, the stone I purchased is not perfect. However, it is "perfect" to me. Meaning it is exactly what I want and what I think my girlfriend wants. And that is really all that matters.


I'll try to keep this short. I left my girlfriend a note in her car. It was loaded with clip art and stated that on Dec. 20th she would be taking a suprise trip. Bring enough supplies for three days and bring one dressy outfit. She was very excited. On the 20th, we got to the airport and loaded the plane. She even played along by covereing her ears and closing her eyes so as not to know where we were going.

We got on the plane and sat first class where we boozed it up for about an hour . Finally, out of the window we could see our destination, New York City. We landed and took a cab to Times Square. We checked into the Crown Plaza and got a room that overlooked Times Square .

The next day we spent touring NYC. That evening, we got dressed up and went to see the Lion King. An awesome show! Out of this world production. After, I took here on a carriage ride in Central Park. And that was where I asked her. She said yes! One other thing that made it even more special was a LIGHTED RING BOX from Jonathan at Good Old Gold. When opening the box, a light backlights the diamond and it really sparkles. We went out for drinks and celebrated. On the ride home in the airplane, the flight attendant, to my amazement, leaned in to me and my girlfriend and said as if prompted, "I just love your ring. That really sparkles!".

My girlfriend loves it and stares at it constantly! However, she has to control herself around her family so as not to created "RING ENVY".

Well, I know this was long butI felt I owed it to everyone to share my story. I would like to thank everyone on this forum who helped to educated me about diamonds and the perils of getting "mauled". Special thanks to Jonthan and Christine at Good Old Gold, Leslie and Denise at WhiteFlash and last but certainly not least RockDoc.



Nov 18, 2002
i love your stories!!! i'm so glad the vendors on this site were so good to you (you're not undercover, are you?! lol...:bigsmile: )'s really good to hear. and i love the lighted box?! HELLO? that sounds awesome!



Dec 31, 1999
Poleary2000, -------
Well, I know this was long ...
-------It was worth every word! Thanks a lot for this great story and Congratulations! :appl:


Jan 7, 2003

You get MAJOR points my friend. Just the fact that you did your "homework" and were intent on finding that "perfect" diamond for your girlfriend is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard.

THEN, to top it off you do something so totally romantic as to whisk her away to an "unknown" destination and then take her to all kinds of neat and romantic places puts you number one in my book.

Trust me, your girlfriend oops FIANCE' is going to be the envy of her friends when for years she recounts her "how he proposed" story. It sure would be hard to top that.


May you have many many years of sparkle in your lives.

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