My Bernie Robbins HOF Experience

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Jan 10, 2009
After the "maul" diamond extravaganza fiasco, I decided to stop by Bernie Robbins, to see what they had in terms of settings and to get a peek at some I & J colored RBs.

Well, needless to say, Bernie Robbins is a very classy jewelery store. They have the most gorgeous settings, M.Beaudry, Memoire, Beverly K, Ritani, HOF, etc. They did have a HOF setting very similar to the JA yg setting I have been eyeing, except in wg. I love the way it looked on my finger and I am sold on this setting now. The sidestones on this ring I looked at were HOF H colored.

So now I ask the SA to show me some diamonds in the 1.25 - 1.75 ct range. She pulls out an "I" 1.72 ct HOF and of course it is beautiful and places it in the head of the HOF wg ring. It made the diamonds in my band look blah! I asked if she had any J stones because I wanted to see how white it would face up compared to the HOF H.

She goes to the back room with my diamond band and the HOF stone to clean them and to bring out the J stone. She weighs both stones to make sure which is which. The other stone (not HOF) was a 1.62 ct RB, J color. She placed the stone in the ring and it looked beautiful, but again made the stones in my band look, blah!
(Could this be because my 10 pointers are K color and set in yg???) Now she puts the HOF I in the head again, but this time it looks, ugly!!! What?!?!?! She the says of that is because the J stones has medium blue fluorescence. OK. (I don''t know much about fluorescence...something I need to read up on her on PS...makes mental note!)

Then she places both stones upside down on a white background and the HOF I looks much darker than the J stone. She then puts the HOF stone under a scope and tells me to look at the beautiful hearts. I asked what hearts??? She cleans scope and still no hearts. Turns stone on other side and askes me to vire the arrows. What arrows. Takes the J (non-branded stone) and places it the scope. Beautiful hearts, gorgeous arrows. She confused the 2 stones!!!

The HOF I was very white (no fluorescence-she only thought it had med blue fluor when it faced up whiter than the other stone, but didn''t realize she got the 2 stones mixed up)
The non-branded J (no fluorescence either)was very distiguishable from the HOF I and this was only one color grade off.

Then I found out that the non-branded J stone was not an ideal cut, only a very good cut. The HOF 1.72ct measured 7.2mm (cost $15,500) and the non-branded J measured 7.1mm. She did mention that they can''t cut any breaks on the HOF stones, but can deal on the other non-branded stones.

I walked out of there bewildered. If they wanted to make a point with the HOF stone, they should have been comparing apples to apples, in other words, and ideal HOF to an ideal non-branded.

Now I am totally confused.

Question#1: If I go with an ideal cut(GIA or AGS) 1.5 ct range diamond, should I go with an "I" or "J" color (the 4 sidestones in the JA yg setting are around 15 pointers in the G/H range). In the HOF, the I colored stone looked white. In the non-branded "J" there was a very definite discrepancy.

Question #2: Why would the HOF branded 1.72 ct diamond measure only 7.2mm? Shouldn''t a stone of this size measure closer to 7.8mm?

I do not think that I will be purchasing a HOF stone..definitely the cost is a premium!
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